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Practical Applications of our Client Portal

Examples of how our Telephone answering services could support a Property Maintenance company

The Scenario

A small Property Maintenance company that takes on planned regular maintenance of commercial and residential properties and Ad-hoc call outs for properties. A small team of site maintenance workers carry out the work and liaise with their clients, with a management team for business development and sales.

Business Challenges:

  • Due to the nature of Property Maintenance companies, employees may be in the office or out on site so it could be difficult for customers to get on the phone with them.

  • The business focus is on service delivery so may not have the resources for dedicated customer service to report and action issues – leading to customer dissatisfaction and potentially lost business.

  • Without detailed logging of projects and a team to action, there could be human error or projects being forgotten about – leading to more calls chasing up repairs and diverting employees’ focus.

  • Sales channels can be hard to pin down with a good portion of word-of-mouth business requiring a positive experience for clients to build repeat business.

  • With employment costs on the rise, having a dedicated in-house team may be beyond the reach of smaller companies, meaning management have less time to focus on business growth and exploring new markets.

Our Solutions:

  • With our call handling you will have a team to always take your calls, and with bespoke responses, customers can be given estimates on call-back times, have direct Account Manager contact information provided if preferred.

  • Our specially trained call operators can answer simple customer queries with FAQ documents to keep customers happy and informed without having to wait for a call back.

  • For a maintenance company with potentially high turnover for site operatives, using our portal you can update colleague details and availability anytime, allowing calls to be put through to you and colleagues when possible and reliable arrangements made for site operative holiday or sickness.

  • With our Call Outcome system you can set custom tags for calls to be analysed against – was it a potential new client with some questions, or a current client looking to log an issue, or maybe they had an invoice query? You can tag who the caller was trying to reach; maybe it was a supplier looking to offer a deal on products or advise of a delay in an order. You could also add filters for how a customer heard about your services to better understand your marketing strategies.


  • Your Customers and clients are provided with up-to-date helpful information when they call, giving a better customer experience and increasing the chances of repeat business.

  • Management and site operatives can be more efficient in actually dealing with priority tasks rather than being stuck on calls themselves.

  • With trusted teams you can know that all the callers’ information is always logged and always passed to the right person.

  • No more rushing to the phone only to find it is a cold call – we filter out nuisance calls, so you are only dealing with genuine callers who have asked for you by name or department.

  • Our call analytics provide you with concrete information about why customers get in contact and how new customers found you, so you can see if the money you are spending on that local directory advert or Google Ad is actually paying off.

  • Management have time and data in order to grow the business and adapt to the current climate of inflation and high employment demand.

Our telephone answering service differs from our competitors in that we offer bespoke services with specifically trained operators (no scripts), who can answer calls for you and your colleagues. Our teams follow your personalised instructions with the option to put the call through to you direct, or we take a detailed message with is then emailed to you for your actioning. Our Client Portal is a great supporting feature of our services, as it allows you to refine and review your service anytime.

With many options on how to personalise your service with us, we wanted to provide some practical examples so you can see how our products can provide tangible benefits to small businesses. For more ideas on how we could help your company, take a look at our Telephone answering service or contact us.


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