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Environmental Policy


Need More Time is committed to looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and to promote environmentally good practice across the business.

All our employees have a responsibility for our environmental performance and are encouraged to minimise waste, promote recycling and reduce energy consumption where possible.

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Our commitment is to:

  • Minimise waste through a committed recycling program

  • Encourage environmentally responsible purchasing where possible

  • Reduce the amount of paper in the office by reusing and/ or recycling

  • Reduce our energy consumption through the use of efficient and modern equipment

  • Ensure that an environmentally responsible culture is developed and that each employee recognises their responsibilities

  • Periodically review this policy and update where necessary

We currently

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulation

  • Operate recycling of all paper waste, card, cans and plastic through all departments

  • Reduce the use of paper by not having a photocopier, scanning necessary documents and storing electronically.

  • Use a shredding company for all our confidential paper waste who recycle

  • Recycle all ink cartridges

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