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  • Michael Bolt

Making the most of NMT

We have been supporting small businesses for over 12 years and with clients ranging from IT Services to Medical Practitioners, e-commerce businesses to Manufacturers – everyones needs are different. Our wide range of services have made our partnerships work so well for so many, but they have also at times made it difficult for clients to understand the many ways we can help them. So, here are a few tips to help you get the most from your membership with us. Keep us updated: It sounds simple but is often overlooked. As we work behind the scenes it is easy to forget to update us on your staff members but doing so means we can greet your clients as professionally as possible. If we have a name it helps to maintain the impression we are part of your company and we can even handle messages differently for each member of your team if you’d like us to. Divert your phones: If you only divert your phones when you are out of the office – you are at risk of forgetting and may miss calls. Did you know you can divert your calls if they are unanswered or engaged at the same time? So, if you’re on the phone you can relax knowing that any calls arriving will be answered or when you are dashing out you won’t have to stop and re-apply the divert, especially useful when you’re driving down the motorway trying to remember if you did it before you left. Tell us about your events: Did you know we can handle your calls differently around a particular day or event? So, if you are exhibiting at a show and are unlikely to be able to respond to people until the next day we can relay this to your clients to save them calling back or taking their business elsewhere. We can even pass on a message to a selection of people who may be on their way to meet you. More than one number with us? We can answer each of your NMT telephone numbers differently. This works really well if you want to have your callers greeted differently, with for example Sales or Customer Services. It also gives the impression you are a larger organisation. Share the load with Dropbox: If you are a Dropbox user you can easily share documents with your Business Assistants as it is integrated right into our systems here at NMT. This is great for anything you have delegated to them. Once the work is complete they simply return it to your Dropbox, it synchronises and voila – much easier than email. Help us help you with Google: If you use Google to manage your calendar let us know. If you give your Business Assistant access we can check your diary and update your instructions automatically for you. This is a great way to use your assistant and ensure you’re maximising your NMT service. We sell too: Although we aren’t your typical outbound sales centre we know our clients business very well and have had huge success selling their products and services, growing countless companies from start-up off the back of our skilled communicators. Our teams sound great on the phone, that’s why you love them, and often this calming tone is the best route to a closed deal. We can even follow up on old enquiries, which can be a great way to add business you thought you had lost. You can update us by email, phone or SMS, just text the number beginning ‘07781’ in your Account Activation Email. As long as we have your mobile number we’ll know it’s from you.


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