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Work from anywhere, succeed from everywhere

Services designed to tackle future business challenges

Since 2020 the world has changed irreversibly. For the past two years many of us have worked, shopped, and socialised from home with significant help from technology, with online sales reaching their peak in February 2021 at 37.1% of UK retail. To support this new way of working, companies of all sizes have increasingly implemented remote ways of doing business, designed to support the core aspects of business and lead customers down the sales path with minimal input. Despite the changes to our world, at the core the realities of business remain the same. No matter the company; big, small, new or old, every company needs customers to survive.

The world has now exchanged the pandemic for a new pressure that will likely be as difficult to navigate as the last. The economy is already giving new focus to ramp up the business model to align it with these challenges. Supply chain delays, financial constraints, and a broader focus on the environment as well as politics home and abroad all drive change. The level of demand from customers to do business wherever they feel comfortable will only increase, and the options for digital innovation are great and, in many ways, easy. You can launch a business and sell your products quickly, efficiently and in some cases cost effectively. Let’s stop and think for a moment – quick, easy, efficiently. These automated services are all great for generating one-off purchasers, but when flipped it’s also quick and easy for your customer base to move onto an alternative product or solution. Sometimes holding everything at arm’s length can be a double edge sword.

If your business is reliant on the personal touch to create word of mouth business and repeat customers, simply setting up a website enquiry form with no-one dedicated to responding will not cut it. How many of us have had enough of remote this, bot that, or simply trying to find a telephone number to speak with a human. Running a small business with our help means you can respond to instant chat on the beach if you like, process a sale whilst in the hairdressers or type up a report in the country. Though for the small business owner, having boundaries between work and relaxation has always been a balancing act, so we offer you the chance to take a step back when you need it. Our services take care of your business, and our dedicated Customer Portal means you can work from anywhere, safe in the knowledge that updates are communicated to your customers accurately.

No matter how good supporting technology is, personnel are still in short supply - the total volume of online job adverts on 29 April 2022 increased by 2% from the previous week and was 136% of its February 2020 pre-coronavirus average level. This begs the question: where has everyone gone?

Apple is arguably one of the greatest technology success stories on the planet. They employ 154 000 people worldwide. In fact, there employment numbers are increasing. Google another technology great employs 135 000 people. No matter how good your technology is sometimes we must rely on the old school model and just have an extra pair of hands to help.

For the last two years our world has been dominated by isolation, but business owners need not feel that they are trying to achieve their goals alone. We can be that cheery voice at the end of the phone for your customers, the prompt response or just a person that can listen and help. We have the teams and people that love their job, they like you, love to make a positive difference and are waiting to help you overcome the business climate ahead.

Give your business a professional feel with personal customer care - explore our Telephone Answering Service.

For remote business support built to rival any in-house team, take a look at our Business Assistant services.


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