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The rising cost of employment - how outsourcing can save you money

When you start your own business, your initial ideas are usually big-picture, about the service you’d like to deliver and long-term goals. Once you get going, you quickly realise the need for a strong team to help you provide your vision, and your thoughts turn to the immediate, smaller tasks of managing employees. When you have in-house employees, it’s not as simple as finding funds to pay salaries. You need the time and resources for training, office and equipment costs, dealing with HR matters, covering sickness and holiday, and recruiting quality team members who won’t leave.

In today’s economic climate this is more challenging than ever before. Spiralling inflation and the increased cost of living is causing over one third (37%) of UK workers to consider changing jobs to make ends meet. Recently, online job vacancies reached a new record high of 1.29 million in the UK. This data proves that now more than ever businesses need to maximise their time and money so that they can win and keep good employees. For small businesses, these challenges can highlight a shortfall in resources to carry out administrative tasks, and with 47% of businesses reporting increased costs, you may simply not have the funds to invest in an admin team. In-house admin teams can often create more work for yourself as a business owner without you realising. Even in the beginning of the process, there’s time-consuming training of staff, setting them up with costly equipment and workspace and performance management. For a new business there’s the lengthy setting up of previously non-existent processes and learning the statutory requirements for employing people. With legal requirements for holiday and sick absences, you’re then burdened with the task of finding cover and dealing with handover of work. Approving time-sheets and ordering stationary was never in your big-picture plans and can be tiresome and frustrating, taking your time away from stabilising and growing your business.

Without a dedicated team your business cannot grow, but you may not have the time to find and manage a team in the traditional ways. You also simply may not want to deal with tasks that take away from your core service delivery, which should be your focus as a director after all. That is why for over 20 years at Need More Time we have provided a specialised Business Assistant service as an alternative to in-house recruitment. Our service is designed to overcome the exact issues current business climates have created. Over the years we have fine-tuned and adapted our tools, systems, and management of onsite or off-site staff for your benefit.

Each of our teams consists of several Business Assistants who take the time to learn the finer details of running your business and take on any administrative tasks. No matter the size or sector, we can take orders and bookings, communicate with clients and suppliers, research new market areas and much more. By using a remote team, you instantly save money; no hiring recruiters to find employees, no buying of expensive equipment and office space. You save time that would be otherwise be spent trawling through CVs, interviewing candidates, training them, then dealing with any HR issues along the way, and the inevitable backlog of work if they move on in their career.

When you become a client of Need More Time, we take on of these burdens with ease and speed, all the while providing you with a team that functions as well if not better than an in-house team. We integrate seamlessly into your business so that your customers believe are dealing directly with you; your customers receive a first-class service that will inspire repeat business, which is designed to reduce costs for your sales and marketing long-term. Our teams share work tasks with reliability, making our solution better than traditional office workers, as work is never put on hold by sickness or holiday, and we can flexibly cover times of the day in and around office hours to best suit however your business operates.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent support solution that surpasses an in-house team, or as a backup for when your current staff are off sick or on holiday, we are ready at moment’s notice to deliver your customer service needs and administration tasks needs in a friendly and competent manner. For more information, head to our Business Assistants service page.


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