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  • Michael Bolt

Use Our Virtual Office To Beat The Royal Mail Price Increase

Recently Ofcom announced that they have ruled to let Royal Mail set their own charges for a 1st class stamp. This was followed by the inevitable news that Royal Mail has increased the price of a first class stamp by 14p, to 60p per stamp. If you thought you may be able to get around this increase by using 2nd class stamps then think again, 2nd class stamps have also seen a price hike, rising to 50p per stamp.

Royal Mail has seen a 25% decrease in mail volumes since 2006 and compared to our European neighbours, the price of a 1st class stamp is relatively low. So it was inevitable that prices would eventually rise. Now Royal Mail has free range over the first class stamp, we will undoubtedly see further increases over the next few years.

There is a solution though, a way to obtain cheaper postage prices. Franked or account mail receives a discount compared to the usual stamps available to the public. For example, a standard 1st class stamp under 100g would cost you 60p under Royal Mail’s new pricing structure. The same letter with franked/account mail would cost you 44p. A 16p saving per letter quickly builds up to quite a saving. The same letter sent 2nd class would see a 19p saving with franked/account mail. The savings increase even further the heavier the item is. The franked and account mail is not available to everyone, you have to be despatching a certain volume of post on a monthly basis, a target that is not easy to reach for many small or medium sized businesses. With Need More Time, you can take advantage of our discounted postage prices and range of time saving and business improvement services.

At Need More Time we have years of experience despatching people’s mail and products. With our Virtual Assistant service, we can even write the letter, envelope it, address it and have it collected by Royal Mail, saving you both time and money.


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