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How to Outsource your Admin and focus on your Small Business

For many, running your own business is a life goal - recent research suggests that over 66% of UK adults want to start their own small business. The main reasons behind this desire include 42% of people wanting to choose what work they do and 36% wanting to be their own boss. The most popular reason at 47% was creating a better work-life balance. If you can find more satisfaction and control in your work it will often show in your business’ approach to customer service and sales; when you can focus on your passion and choose how, and more importantly when you deal with work tasks, it can lead to better working relationships and smarter business decisions.

For many respondents, monetary gain was low down on the list of priorities, although 51% of people were concerned about the financial burden of set-up costs of a small business. This issue of financial constraints on growth is even more relevant in the current business climate – more than 25% of UK businesses reported inflation and prices as their main concern for July 2022. At a time when over-heads are on the rise and profit margins are becoming thinner, many small businesses need to grow to survive but may lack the resources to do this.

While you want to focus on your product and service, there is inevitable sales, admin and customer service work to be done. Hiring traditional in-house employees requires expensive equipment, office space, and you must become knowledgeable of complicated and ever-changing legislation for them. There is also the often-underestimated costs and time-consuming management and training of colleagues, and dealing with HR matters such as sickness, holiday, and payroll. Our Business Assistant service gives you a team that is already set up, their HR and equipment requirements already met, ready for comprehensive coverage of your tasks.

We can assist with every step in your sales journey; from answering the initial customer call, preparing and sending quotes, processing orders and arranging bookings, to taking payments and updating records. We can manage your inboxes, diaries, and websites so you can get the work-life balance you want while still providing great customer service.

If you’re already running your own business, you’ll know that as Director you need to be out there making connections and winning customers, as your business often relies on word-of-mouth or online advertising which priorities good experiences and relevance in current markets. To succeed, you need the proper business support in place to provide timely and positive customer interactions, as well as help run your business behind the scenes so that you can do only the work you love and what keeps the lights on.

That’s why for over 20 years here at Need More Time we’ve been partnering with small businesses to save you the hassle and expenditure of an in-house admin team, by providing a solution that is not only better value for money but is often more adaptable to your specific needs. Our Business Assistants can take on a wide variety of sales and admin tasks while following your unique processes, so you can be sure that customers are being taken care of and work is being done in a way that makes sense to you. For a small business starting out, we can help set up those processes so that right from the start your business is being run efficiently, meaning less stress for you and less time wasted when you need to get up and running fast.

Our teams are there for you in every step of the sales process; we can help you acquire new clients by carrying out sales and market research, handle subsequent new orders or bookings and communicate with customers to keep them and you updated along the way. We’re here to handle to tricky tasks of payment chasing and defusing any issues in a professional manner, so that no matter what your customers are satisfied with your service. Using our remote business assistants surpasses the abilities of an in-house team as our shared ways of working mean that every team member is trained on every aspect of your business, so there’s no worries for you about sickness, holiday or simply busy periods delaying your work.

We can take over tedious admin tasks that as a small business owner you have probably had to handle yourself, giving you back your time that would have otherwise been spent managing inboxes, sorting out diaries or even ordering groceries for the staff kitchen. With our extensive experience across multiple sectors, initial set-up is easy and we can even help you catch up on work backlog with minimal input from yourself. We give you the security to cover busy times and allow you to take a step back from the business for holidays, something that would once have been a distant dream for a small business owner.

We know you want to be your own boss – without distractions from managing employees. We know you want to do the work you love – with Need More Time you can be sure that business tasks are in capable hands and you are informed while you focus on the work that matters to you. For more information about our friendly and proactive Business Assistants, click here, or call us today on 020 3303 3303.

Source: Office For National Statistics

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