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  • Michael Bolt

The Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant

Running a business of any size is no easy task. You need to be sure that you have the right people for the job and that they are doing exactly what they should be. As your business expands you can of course begin to take on more staff but that can often be counterproductive. You will find that you spend more time recruiting the right staff for the job and managing them than you actually do on developing your business.

That’s where a Virtual Assistant from Need More Time comes in. Consider the possibility of employing a new member of staff without the hassle of long recruitment processes, not to mention the costs and time spent training and managing them. All the hassle is taken out of expanding your team and there are a good amount of additional benefits over traditional employees.

Office space and equipment – Since your new assistant won’t be based out of your own facilities you won’t need to find space for them or equipment for them to use such as computers and phones. This is particularly important if you are looking to expand a business that you run from home without investing in office space.

Financial considerations – Choosing a Virtual Assistant means that you will not have the traditional financial concerns of employment. This means that there are no awkward salary negotiations, employment contracts and keeping up to date with new HR legislation, or things such as pension contributions to worry about. Need More Time take care of everything so you don’t need to.

Time off – When dealing with traditional employees you must take into account that they are required by law to be given a certain amount of holiday time. When dealing with a vital member of staff such as a personal assistant, this can be particularly problematic. Things can get even worse if they need maternity or paternity leave. This issue is completely removed when dealing with a Virtual Assistant. There is always someone equally well trained to step into the role.

Flexibility – It might be that your business only needs more staff during certain periods of time. This can be difficult with traditional employees because you can’t just hire and fire them at will. The Virtual Assistant service offered by Need More Time allows you to use and add extra team members whenever you need them.

These are just a few of the benefits of a Virtual Assistant. There are others that we will look at in more detail in the future.


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