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Practical Applications of our Virtual Assistant services - Kitchen Design

Examples of how our Virtual PA services could support a Kitchen Design Company

The Scenario

A small kitchen design company working with clients in central London and the South East area to design and install bespoke, luxury kitchens. They deal with client sales, customer service, fabrication of items, project management, and internal admin. This company relies on providing a detailed level of project oversight for their customers, to encourage word of mouth lead generation and repeat customers, positioning themselves as a quality company worth their luxury pricepoints.

Business Challenges:
  • Sales and customer service was previously handled by the management team, who due to the small nature of the business were juggling several different elements of the business process and project management, which leaves them little time for making business connections and securing new projects.

  • Dealing with general customer calls and admin reduced the design team’s capacity for drawing up designs and subsequent delays for fabricators and installers.

  • With the team working on site or in the workshop, as well as attending consultations at client addresses, the team was struggling to be available for calls or effectively manage their other customer communication methods such as their website contact form and emails.

  • As most of this company’s service delivery occurs on site, renting an office and purchasing equipment for an in-house team was too great an expense due to the volatile nature of overheads in the building industry as well as the fact that they were already renting a showroom and workshop which would not have the space to accommodate an in-house admin team.

  • The company wanted to increase their lead generation and online presence through social media and keep their website up-to-date, but with limited capacity and expertise this was not previously possible.

Our Solution:
  • Our business assistants can help at every step of the sales and customer service process. Our teams accurately record details from initial enquiries into the company’s existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, so the business can better see where their leads are coming from and different teams can communicate no matter their location.

  • We help manage colleagues’ diaries to book in new client consultations, then prepare and send quotes to customers as well as project dates and design drawings for feedback. Our multi-tasking teams become fluent in each area of your business.

  • Providing meticulous care of inboxes and shared folders means that project specific information is easier to find for designers, fabricators and installers and it is clearer to see which stage each project is at.

  • Our remote teams provide support for each business location. We can order business cards and marketing materials for the showroom, as well as support the workshop team with getting quotes and placing orders for materials, or arranging service and repair of machines and PPE.

  • We can offer after-care support to customers using documents you provide and help with payment chasing for projects so that your teams no longer spend all day on the phone trying to close projects.

  • Our virtual assistants learn every detail about your business, taking the time to understand your brand and goals. Using this knowledge and our client portal tools, we can keep websites updated and create and maintain social media pages with relevant content sharing.

  • Using a dedicated team for answering calls and responding to emails means customers are provided with a reliable point of contact with a quick response rate, providing a premium level of customer service and sales support in keeping with their luxury brand. No more missed opportunities through unanswered website forms or missed calls! The design and installations team are also freed from the hassle of answering sales/nuisance calls, meaning they can focus on delivering their expertise and projects faster.

  • Leveraging the power of a remote team, already set up and competent, saves money instantly by not burdening the business with renting office space, hiring equipment and all the hidden costs associated with recruitment. In the long-term there is no hassle for management around HR matters, holiday or sickness or worrying about down time during busy periods.

  • Our comprehensive and personalised service allows management to take a step back from day-to-day operations, safe in the knowledge that tasks are being handled. For a small business, ensuring projects are moving forward often means a lack of holiday time for management or feeling like they have to always be on-call. Directors are now able to make their business work around their life, rather than the other way around! Giving greater freedom to choose where they get involved with the business and an over-arching view to strategise for the future.

  • Using our reporting tools like call outcomes means smarter sales and marketing choices can be made when your company can see exactly how effective your online or offline advertising is faring.

  • By increasing the company’s online presence and keeping details and content up-to-date, potential customers have more ways to get in contact and answers to initial product or service questions. This way the business can provide a pro-active and luxury impression, which customers will find more trustworthy.

Our Virtual Assistant teams can handle all aspects of sales, business administration and customer service for your small business, no matter the size or sector. With our highly customisable service we can cover as much or as little of the day-to-day working as you would like, either on a permanent basis as a better alternative to an in-house team, or on a temporary or ad-hoc basis to support you when you need it most.

For more examples of the tasks our friendly teams can take on with ease, take a look at our Virtual Assistant service page, or to discuss your specific needs you can contact us, or call us on 020 3303 3303.

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