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  • Michael Bolt

Seasonal Staff

Last month I talked about the reasons why we started Need More Time and how a Virtual Assistant Service like ours can help staffing in general. In the lead up to Christmas, another issue to consider is the need for additional temporary people. At this time of year, when you think of temporary staff, it is usually the retail sector that springs to mind although this is not the only industry that needs temporary staff. Travel companies, sales companies and of course Royal Mail are just a few which look for extra help in the run up to Christmas. Although you may only be looking to employ people for a short period of time, there is legislation and other issues that you may wish to consider before directly employing them. These include: Pay and Benefits All staff, even if they are only employed for a couple months, need to be treated the same as permanent members of your team in terms of pay and benefits. Pay, holiday entitlement, sick pay, pension and any other benefits a company may offer, need to be the equivalent for that of permanent employees (on a pro-rated basis). National Minimum Wage In addition to ensuring pay levels are equivalent, you need to ensure that hourly rates are not in breach of National Minimum Wage, that recently increased from 1 October 2013. Induction and Training The investment in training and settling a new member of staff into a Company can take up precious time. You may only need someone for a month and the training could take nearly that long. If after reading the above, the thought of employing staff on a short term basis does not sound appealing, then our Virtual Assistants can help. Our office of Virtual Assistants can do a lot more than just organise your diary, they are well trained in a range of skills from sales through to customer services. Alternatively, if you are busy packaging and sending goods, and want to be busy talking to clients instead. Our Pick & Pack Managed Service can be tailored to your specific needs. Our warehouse is based at a secure site, and with regular collections from your favourite couriers and Royal Mail, your goods can be sent safely and quickly to your customers. Just in time for Christmas! Till the next time. Mike.


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