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  • Michael Bolt

Our New Holiday Cover Service

The summer holiday. Luxury in the sun, where you can put your feet up and live in a carefree paradise until your day of return, and with our first Olympic summer since 1948 swiftly approaching, many more are planning time off to relish this unique opportunity. This may be the case for most of us, but for business owners, you may find a different story.

Business people reading this now may be thinking to themselves that they can’t fully take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. They can’t simply apply their finest face paint and unite with the nation for this international spectacle of elite sporting excellence; they still have a business to run! Will this leave their business short staffed? Worse still, can you fully enjoy Great Britain’s first gold medal with one eye on the prize and one eye on the phone?

Everybody deserves to have their moments of uninterrupted bliss at least every once in a while. This is why more and more business people every year are looking for an innovative way to ease the seasonal workload, and with 2012’s calendar already booked up with the world’s greatest sporting talent on show, there has never been a better reason to try something new.

Using a telephone answering service for short term or holiday cover is an ideal way to take the weight off your shoulders during your more than deserved break. So whether you are fanatical about athletics, European football, or just indulging the excuse to take some well earned time off, you can genuinely relax, secure in the knowledge that any important calls you would have otherwise missed, are in safe hands.

Here at Need More Time, we have been providing telephone answering support for ten years now, to a very diverse range of businesses too. To celebrate our tenth birthday, along with an intense and exciting year of sport lined up, we are launching our new Holiday Cover service. Support your business, as well as the nation during the London Olympics and Euro 2012. Now you don’t have to make the decision between your phones being answered, and watching Great Britain’s moment of glory.

Call us on 020 3303 3303 for more information.


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