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  • Michael Bolt

Back to School, Back to Work!

Autumn is my favourite time of year, especially the start of September. Summer is over; the kids – including mine – are back to school. Generally this means that Mum & Dad, i.e. you and me, can get back to working on our businesses, instead of occupying the little people. Adding to this is the threat of Christmas. It seems if some retailers had their way, we would have already bought our presents and the turkey would be on order. It is after-all, less than 96 days to go now. As the owner of an SME, I know the period from the beginning of September until the end of November is critical if I want to end the year on a high. Forget December if like us your clients are companies, nobodies buying – its kipper season. This presents a problem though. What happens if you are understaffed, perhaps overtrading or even have mums-to-be on maternity leave? Getting your staffing ‘right’ right now is essential if you are going to capitalise on this moment. Funnily enough, it was this singular thought, at this precise time, when running my previous business that lead me to think about creating Need More Time the business. More specifically, the Virtual Assistant. Happily, it has been a great success, we are nearly 11 years old now, serving companies not only up and down our land but internationally too – from East Coast to West, Toronto to Taipei. The VA concept is truly global, not bad for a small business based in sleepy Whitstable, Kent. How could this help you though, our (potential) client? Well it means we’re experienced in what we do. Very experienced in fact. We’ve been helping all manner of businesses succeed by giving them the option of flexible staffing whenever they need it. And when our Virtual Assistants, with their knowledge-based-administration techniques, are acting as your staff; your clients – potential or otherwise – will not be able to tell the difference. Whether they are calling to confirm their private medical appointment or to place an order for custom single valve gusseted coffee bags. For more details on this, and other associated services please feel free to click here or call in on 020 3303 3303. We’d be more than happy to help you too. Until next time Mike.


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