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  • Michael Bolt

15 steps to find your Perfect Customer

Knowing your perfect customer sounds so basic, you would have thought all small business owners know the answer, right? Wrong. The problem is, by our nature, small businesses owners are so adept at getting on with business that quite often they forget to consider who their perfect customer is. So, when we complete a marketing audit for a Marketing Virtual Assistant customer, it becomes apparent that most do not. Sure, they know who they sell too in general, but not who their perfect customer is and that’s what we all want – right? Now before we start here’s the goal of this exercise. You need to be able to picture this person, so we are going to get specific. The reason being, every time you put together some element of your marketing you are going to need it to be as if you are sitting across the table from them.

Here are the questions to find your perfect customer.

– Who is your perfect customer? – Do they have the money to spend or will they have to refer to someone else? – Are they male or female? Young or old? – What do they do for a living? How much money do they make? How do they feel about it? – What kind of car do they drive? Or don’t they drive at all? They could bike or take the train. – Do they have a family and if so, what is it like? How many children, etc? – Are they romantically involved? Married, living in sin? 😉 – Are they popular, you know the type, the kid at school with all the friends or were they the loner? – How do they dress? Formal? Smart casual or do they dress down? – How do they socialise? Mainly family with a few friends? Are they big on social media? – Describe their values, what matters to them in their life? – Also, what doesn’t matter? Is there anything they specifically avoid like working out? – What keeps them up at night? What are they afraid to loose? – What do they aspire to have? What’s their dream? – To be your perfect customer, what traits can they NOT have? (these could be perfectly nice by the way, just not right for you as your customer) Once you know the answers to these questions you will have a great insight into who you should be working with. Understand that building this kind of knowledge can take time though, so don’t interrogate your clients the very next time you talk to them. The next step is to define your business so your perfect customer thinks you’re pretty perfect too. Look out for that marketing tip here very soon. If you’re considering a change in your marketing, consider our MarketingVA Service. All existing NMT clients qualify for a free Marketing Audit (saving them £295) and there’s no obligation so the only thing stopping you, is you.


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