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  • Michael Bolt

The NMT Blog February 2016: We’re announcing a new partnership with HCA!

This month, we’re pleased to announce our partnering with Galen Health Partners, a subsidiary of HCA International

Part of the ‘Hospital Corporation of America’ the world’s largest private hospital group, Galen Health Partners provides support services to HCA consultants worldwide.

As many readers of our blog will know, our Medical Virtual Assistant Service offers a fully tailored bespoke solution to Medical Consultants looking for an alternative to traditional in house admin staff.

Having worked in this business area since 2002, we have developed fantastic skills and experience delivering outsource support services – including inbound call handling, administration and now, marketing support.

Setting up a new private medical practice is often filled with a whole raft of challenges. It is extremely demanding on time & physical resources and comes at a time when many consultants will be working in unchartered territory.

With numerous aspects needing attention, the thought of recruitment and staff management often feels like an insurmountable barrier, stopping many making that leap.

Need More Time’s Medical Virtual Assistant service removes this obstacle and now, working with HCA, we will be able to help more consultants successfully establish themselves.

Our Medical VA Service is based around a key central point of contact, who are themselves supported by a small group of team members equally knowledgeable about the practice, its processes, systems and patients.

Here’s how the service is set up…

  1. You’ll receive an initial consult so we can fully understand your needs and how we can specifically help you.

  2. We review any technical requirements to confirm our tech team can set up everything that’s required.

  3. You complete our new account form, confirming your company details and which services you would like to proceed with.

  4. We then set up your service and allocate you a telephone number. This can be used to divert an existing number to NMT or as your main number, as you wish.

  5. Your new PA will arrange a convenient time to speak in order for you to go into detail about the support you will need.


To get started, click the link or give the office a call on 020 3303 3303. We’ll walk you through the setup process and talk through the options to see how we could best assist.


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