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  • Michael Bolt

Save with WeType and Need More Time

We love to help our customers achieve time and cost saving solutions. Following on from our last blog offering our partnership with Doctify , we have another exciting partnership to bring to you in the form of our new transcription partner, WeType.

WeType.UK uses the latest technology to ensure dictations are sent to a dedicated typist safely and easily. You can choose between dictating using your mobile with one of many mobile apps or uploading via your desktop. You can then have the work typed directly into your patient management system, or returned as a Word document or standard template.

So, if you are having trouble making time to write up formal communications or have a need for copy typing or reports, we have the solution for you through WeType.UK.

About WeType:

WeType.UK is an online transcription service offering instant access to British typists. It is a true pay-as-you-go service available at the click of a button when you need it and can be used as little or as often as required, with no additional costs hidden away in the small print.  The charging structure is clear as is based on how long you talk and starts from £1.10 per minute (+VAT).  It is the perfect solution for those with a short-term dropout of in-house capacity, such as illness or maternity leave, or those needing long-term permanent access to British typists but wishing to avoid the associated costs of employing them.

Clients simply upload their dictation directly via a mobile app or using their WeType portal via a browser, and it is then transcribed by a typist and returned to the client. The system at the core of the service, DictationMaster, has been designed by the WeType team and employs state of the art bespoke file transfer software that operates with banking levels of encryption and security.

Minimum fuss, maximum convenience.

How to obtain preferential rates: 

Need More Time have secured preferential rates with WeType. If you either have a need or find yourself spending time writing up dictated notes and feel you have more important tasks to complete, this could be the perfect solution.

To take up this offer, either email here or sign up online, ensuring you select Need More Time as your referral route and using the code NMT105 Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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