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  • Michael Bolt

It really is Snow joke.

Snow is fun right? The snowball fights, the sledging … and that’s just in our office. But seriously, when the white stuff arrives, how does it affect your business? For SMEs apart from being able to get into the office, there are some interesting things to consider on the staffing front that you may not know… You don’t have to pay staff if they don’t make it in If, like me, you didn’t know this it could come as a surprise and it’s not limited to adverse weather. If for any reason staff cannot make it in, you aren’t obliged to pay them. Now, if they are truly stuck in a snowdrift I am not advocating it myself but you are perfectly entitled to, it seems How about if schools are closed and they need to look after their kids? No, not in this case and it is not a basis for disciplinary action either. As all employees have the right to take time off to care for dependants. Although there is no definite rule that says parents have the right to time off. You have to act as a ‘responsible employer’ so maybe try to work out other flexible options where possible. If we have no work because of the weather – do I have to pay them? Yes if they report for work, unless you have specific terms in their contracts. Can I reduce their hours? Again, only if you have specific terms in their employment contracts. Essentially, if the snow gets that bad everyone looses out, apart from school kids it seems. Business is disrupted and trade is potentially lost, parents have to stay home or make short-term arrangements and staff members without kids more often than not work remotely. Unless they are receptionists – they can go sledging. And, whilst your front of house staff members are hitting the slopes, you may want to consider a Telephone Answering Service like ours to pick up the slack. For less than £1 a day you can have complete peace of mind that your phone calls will still be answered – so as little business is lost as possible. We can have you up and running in no time, so please feel free to give us a call. Otherwise, just mind yourself getting home. School kids with snowballs can pack a hell of a punch! Until next time Mike.


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