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  • Michael Bolt

Easter Holidays: 4 things to do before you go.

The kids may be off school and your bags may be packed but before you go on your easter holiday pay close attention to these four things to do because, as a

Telephone Answering Client of Need More Time, we don’t want any of your telephone calls going astray. You did know that 69% of missed calls don’t leave messages right?* In this month’s blog I thought it would be a good idea to send you a gentle reminder so that, when your clients unexpectedly ring your office number, we pick them up.

1. Update your details

Keeping your details with us up to date is often overlooked. New staff members join the company (and some staff leave) and in addition to the necessary paperwork being issued, updating your call handling service can be easily missed. So, before you leave, take a minute to call in on 020 3303 3303 and check your details. You can change team member details, update your welcome message – even leave custom instructions for particular callers and colleagues.

2. Divert your phone

Diverting your phone to us takes literally seconds but typically quick tasks like this are left till the last minute, and then you get distracted. If you have a new phone, maybe a mobile, and don’t know how to do this yet don’t worry – we have a handy knowledgebase dedicated to helping you out if you’d rather go online. Alternatively, if you have forgotten your divert number we can provide this to you. Click here for that.

3. Tell us when you are back

Returning to work after any holiday, however short, can be overwhelming. If the mountain of email doesn’t get you, the client updates might. And of-course, remembering to tell us that you have returned (or maybe stayed on) can get overlooked. My suggestion? Give your Business Assistant or our Update team your dates & let them schedule a call to check you’re back at work – it’ll be another thing off your mind.

4. Help us help you

Our Business Assistants are great at working autonomously. So, before you go, why not try them out and delegate some tasks to be completed whilst you are away. You’ll still be productive even when you are relaxing on the beach. It will be like you never left, apart from the new tan ofcourse. Until the next time. Mike. * according to a research study by BT


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