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  • Michael Bolt

Christmas and Telephone Calls

Being the end of 2013, I had a great idea for this months blog post based around the New Year. You know the thing, New Year, New You, resolutions and all that kind of stuff. Then I realised, it is not 2014 yet, so that is delayed and here we are. It is tempting to forget about December and concentrate on the upcoming festivities, but I think we would be missing the fact that (and this is sacrilege I know) some business is still conducted between December the 24th and 31st. Not a lot, but some. Missed phone calls cost money so it’s important to realise you need to be contactable as much as possible – because potential clients can call anytime – and if they cannot get hold of you, chances are they will then call a competitor. But then you may wonder, how can I relax when I still have to deal with any work related phone calls that may come in? When asked, NMT clients say that one of the main benefits our Telephone Answering Service delivers – is giving our clients the ability to switch off, safe in the knowledge that their business can still deal with enquiries when they are not there. If you are already a client of ours, you’ll be able to rest easy during the holidays knowing we are going to answer any call on your behalf. It is though a good idea to be aware of our Christmas opening times so please click here to see those. Please also understand that we do close our lines on Christmas Day, yes, even us! And, if you have any updates or voicemail instructions for us, please let us know by the 20th December. If you aren’t a Need More Time client yet 😉 here’s a link to our options – setting you up takes no time, even on Christmas Eve. And if we don’t speak to you before then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Mike. p.s – don’t forget to set your telephone diverts over the holidays, here is a link to a set of helpful guides showing you how …


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