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  • Michael Bolt

A winning partnership to help grow your private practice

Need More Time and Doctify have teamed up to offer a compelling solution for established private medical practices and those looking to start one up.

Running a successful medical practice does not simply mean delivering great health care. Finding new patients and establishing a patient journey that gives clients confidence, is essential for the success of any private practice.

By working together, Need More Time and Doctify can not only help practices attract new patients, but also help manage the doctor / patient relationship too.

With a team of Virtual Assistants who know your practice, ready to greet your new Doctify found patient, by phone or email, practices now have a streamlined channel to new patients.

And it is one that doesn’t require any focused management from you.

Unlike employed staff, your Need More Time team won’t take holidays, fall ill or require you to have the staff management skills necessary to ensure they keep motivated. There are also no recruitment costs to cover.

With over 14 years of experience, Need More Time has been supporting small businesses over a wide range of sectors, of which medical is a particular specialty.

With our range of services, and the ability to either offer singular offerings or total solutions, business owners can focus on their key skills and let their Need More Time team focus on the other areas of the business, to ensure both front and back office functions are delivered.

Whether your needs are for booking patient appointments, GP referrals, customer service and sales processing or general administration, we have the experience and knowledge to add value and flexibility, to ensure your business succeeds.


Even better, this is done without any spend having been made outside of a small monthly fee, which is reduced when taken with Need More Times Virtual Medical Assistant service.

For more information on how Need More Time’s Medical Assistant Service can help your practice, please watch the short video below…


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