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  • Michael Bolt

7 reasons why the Office Junior shouldn’t manage your Facebook

We’ve all heard that Social Media is the new SEO. This has led to many leaping into this new marketing channel head first. Unfortunately, when success doesn’t follow it’s often delegated to someone else in the office, quite often – the Office Junior. After all if it’s the new SEO they must do it, right? Office Juniors uses Facebook all-the-time so why not use them? Possibly the biggest marketing mistake you can make and here’s why!

1. In the social society, company reputation is everything.

We all now know the sheer power of social media but many often underestimate the consequences it can have on not only the person who posts but also the company behind them. All it takes is one tweet in bad taste to ruin a career, end a product, recall an advertising campaign, and forever mar a businesses’ legacy. You want all that responsibility on someone who spends the whole day playing Candy Crush Saga on their phone?

2. Slip ups are not always easy to clean up.

So your office intern has had a bad day and you have just let him loose on your social media… can you see where I am going with this? He mentions your competitor in an obnoxious post which was quickly spotted and scratched from your page but you know this post can never really be deleted right? Screenshots have been taken and even if you did manage to dodge the screenshots, who knows how many people (including your clients), have already seen the post.

3. We’re not saying Social Media Management is hard, but doing it well and doing it right is not easy.

With the increasing importance of your social reputation, you should consider profile management to fall within your marketing budget. So, before offloading to your Office Junior outsource it to a Pro to ensure your company image is protected.

4. Brilliant social media marketing can make a brand.

Reinforcing your brand online is the ultimate goal. Before a client will even consider about calling you they will check you out online. The more places they see you increases the chances of them picking up the phone. So, if you feel like you’re managing a Facebook page out of begrudging obligation, you’re thinking about it entirely backwards.

5. Your Page or Profile is the face of your company.

So think long and hard about the face and voice you want to put forth to your clients, Harley Street or Harley Davidson? You need a dedicated person or business partner who thrives on driving your company image, someone who is not only knowledgeable about your businesses but also an engaging communicator.

6. Customers are increasingly turning to social media when they need support or have questions.

It is seemingly more common nowadays that when people have a query or problem that they will look to share their experiences online. Posts such as these need to be dealt with efficiently as they not only improve your clients experience with your company, but also reinforces your brand as one that listens. If a potential new client sees a request being ignored……… don’t expect them to call you.

7. In this emerging social society, reputation is everything.

It was point number one too, but it’s worth repeating. You cannot afford to mess up your social media. The harsh reality is one wrong step could mean absolute disaster. Ask yourself this…. would you push the task to close a multimillion pound deal on to your office trainee knowing full well the possible disastrous consequences? Imagine setting up a TV add broadcast to millions of people. Naturally you wouldn’t consider delegating this to anyone with no oversight on your part. Social Media has the potential to dwarf that TV add. Now tell me if you’re going to reconsider this new, established and immensely powerful marketing tool. Until next time…


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