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Virtual PA and Virtual Assistant Services

Customisable, flexible & reliable

Our UK based Virtual PA and Virtual Assistant services have been created to give you a cost effective and fully customisable solution to the traditional risks associated with employing staff. Our teams of Virtual PAs and Assistants have the experience and knowledge to support your detailed telephone answering and administrative needs. Allowing you to benefit from increased time management, cost savings and improved customer service levels.

Your business our passion

Your named Virtual PA is supported by a small team all of whom share the detailed knowledge of your business. This knowledge is gained during your setup process during which time regular communication will be conducted between yourself and your Virtual Assistant. Further training and knowledge can also include the use of web based CRM systems which you currently already use although we have extensive experience with most systems already.

Why Use A Virtual PA How It Works

Intelligent support tailored to you

Need More Time has used its wealth of knowledge gained over 10 years of supporting small businesses to create a Virtual PA and Virtual Assistant service. We have worked hard to create a simple and effective process to add additional flexible virtual staffing support to your business.

If you have ever wanted to delegate aspects of your work our service has the experience and skills to help you achieve this. Our Virtual PA and Virtual Assistants already help many businesses to outsource parts or even all of their business activities. Helping business in many sectors from specialised medical consultancies, practice based treatments or business consultancies and e-commerce businesses to name just a few. The industry your business operates in does not matter as our service is designed to be tailored to you and your needs.

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Customer, Client & Document Management

We have extensive experience working with a wide range of customer relationship management (CRM), document management and client management systems.

Our in house teams are here to support and assist with either the application of an existing system or sourcing a new solution for your virtual needs. Both our in house technical teams and Virtual Assistants will support you from the start to ensure your business runs efficiently and effectively whilst maximising the very best solutions for your business. Allowing you to remain focused on the main revenue activities for the business.

This combined effort and success it achieves has brought wide acclaim, giving many clients the direction and freedom to deliver the very best their business can. Many of whom have achieved industry recognition as a result.

Prices from £49.95 per month for our bespoke PA Services

This fully customisable service offers you the opportunity to create the exact support and staffing solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional employment, ranging from detailed call handling through to reactive and responsive administration or outbound call communications. For more information and a full breakdown of costs in line with your Virtual Assistant requirements please contact us today.

Telephone Answering Service from £25.50 per month. Click for more information

Looking for more? Looking for something different?

Are you looking for a streamlined efficient Call Handling services without the need for additional administration work? Are you just starting out and unsure what services you require? We can provide Telephone Answering, Mail Forwarding services and a host of Technology Solutions (for example, hosted computer solutions and bespoke IVR systems).