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Virtual PA, What Can We Do?

One business, many roles

Need More Time? Below are some of the many time saving tasks we complete for our customers every day

  • Telephone answering
  • Diary management
  • Client and supplier communications
  • Order handling
  • Brochure fulfilment
  • Preparing and sending quotes/invoices/letters either via email or post
  • Outbound telemarketing campaigns
  • Customer service/sales processing
  • Transcription services
  • Payment chasing
  • Research tasks
  • Arranging travel and accommodation
  • Updating websites with new information/upcoming events
  • Data entry and, record updating i.e. spreadsheets
  • Events administration management

You already know that running your own business is not easy especially when you have to wear so many hats. Chances are you are currently filling a number of roles from receptionist, sales manager, financial controller, managing director to name just a few. We have some good news it doesn’t have to be this way.

Need More Time have been supporting business owners for 10 years. We understand that running a business is sometimes about juggling tasks and roles. With Need More Time's Virtual PA service you can now benefit from a reliable and professional Virtual PA to support you and your business. From virtual reception services and telephone answering services through to virtual assistant administration support we have a solution to help you maximise your time. Build flexibility into your business with the Need More Time’s support services which have been designed to give you complete control and the benefits of a fully staffed office without the costs, risks or hassle.

Examples of our wide ranging capabilities

Telephone Answering: Our highly trained and professional operators can answer your calls in an efficient and courteous manner. They can provide various levels of interaction between yourselves and your clients, from taking messages (delivered via email or SMS) to patching calls and any custom requirements in between. The full range of Telephone Answering capabilities is integradted into our Virtual PA service. Find out more about our Telephone Answering service.

Diary Management: Regardless of the system you use our in house technical teams can make the transition seamless and painless. Our Virtual PA's have extensive experience working with a number of calendar systems and businesses where appointment scheduling is essential for the flow of business and revenue.

Client and supplier communications: Being able to delegate client and supplier (phone or email) communications to a Virtual PA who knows you and your business can provide extra resources just when it's needed. You may just simply enjoy being able to take the afternoon off or be confident that when you're in meetings you are being supported by someone you can trust.

Order handling: We have a long and established history of handling inbound calls and due to the more detailed nature of our services this includes taking orders by phone, but can also incorporate emailed orders to. Your Virtual PA team will be trained to a high standard on your services or products so the caller is not made aware they are calling a third party, helping to create a seamless solution for you and your business. Depending on your requirements and infrastructure we can either take payments at the point of order using your website or merchant account or simply capture the information for the order to be relayed to you as required. If coupled with our despatch and order fulfilment service the ordered items will be despatched on the same day from our premises. A seamless solution for any business.

Brochure fulfilment: In today's electronic world brochures are becoming less common although this service like all of our services is flexible. It can encompass storage and despatching of any paper items which need to be stored and sent on request. This could be brochures through to tickets for events.

Preparing and sending quotes/invoices/letters either via email or post: For any business owner making time to sit down and fulfil essential daily activities such as generating quotes or issuing invoices can be difficult. It's an important aspect for all businesses but often one which takes time and commitment to focus on. Although delaying these duties can have a very real negative impact on the business. Your Virtual PA however loves these tasks and will happily take them on for you. Invoices issued promptly and naturally will have a better lead time for payment.

Outbound telemarketing campaigns: Need More Time do not offer telesales in the true cold calling sense. However, we are always happy to assist with any telemarketing or research associated outbound calling campaigns. Our teams spend all day on the phone handling calls so have become excellent at non face to face communications. Their skills are easily adapted to gaining the right information to achieve success for your business. Each campaign we have worked on is tailored to meet the exact requirements of our clients. We are open and honest with regards to the expected results and will constantly keep you updated on the feedback we have received so scripts can be adjusted to gain the maximum effect.

Customer service/sales processing: Regardless how well you have planned there will always be scenarios where a friendly voice on the end of the phone is welcomed. Either for prospective clients or for existing customers. Unless you have a staffed office or run a call centre it's unlikely you will be able to handle every call you receive. In many cases most customer service calls are quick and simple to deal with and don't require the attention of the business owner. We have teams who do this every day and are well trained to assist with a range of enquiries. They are also capable of using sales CRM systems such as Salesforce so the client communications can be logged immediately to maintain good communication history records. Either using your own web based systems or simple excel spreadsheets we can tailor a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Transcription Services: A daily service provided by our team of transcription experts some of whom have good working knowledge of specific industries such as medical and the terms used. Simply email us your digital dictation and we will return the transcription after giving you a clear indication of the costs. If only everything in life was this simple and reliable

Payment Chasing: A task we all hate its time consuming, often frustrating and can be awkward if you're chasing your client. Our teams have a very successful track record. Don't waste your time chasing payment for work you have already done your Virtual PA will be pleased to be of assistance. While you sit back and watch the money role in. We can even bank the payment for you if received by cheque* (Requires Mail forwarding service).

Research Tasks: You may want to gain some direct knowledge about prospective markets, gain contact details for a planned marketing campaign or simply want to find a suitable venue for an event you plan to hold. Your Virtual PA can do the leg work for you and prepare the information in an easy to read document ready for you when you need it.

Arranging Travel And Accommodation: Bookings flight or hotels is easy but still a drain on your time. Especially if you have a more demanding schedule. Take the weight off an let your Virtual PA take the strain. They will confirm your requirements and preferences and then get to work to ensure your trip is painless and stress free. Enabling you to focus on your business.

Data entry and, record updating i.e. spreadsheets: Every business will require the need to store and record data relevant to their clients, products or services. The problem is that its not the most exciting part of anyone's business. Why not let our Virtual PA's who love spreadsheets and record keeping, manage your daily administration while you prioritise your time for more enjoyable tasks for your business.

If the above points have made you think about your business and you would like to understand how Need More Time's 10 years experience of serving businesses and business owners like you please visit our Virtual PA services page.

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Client Testimonials

The Association of Personal Assistants

I list Need More Time as one of my greatest assets. Please pass on my thanks to all at Need More Time.

System 3 Services Ltd

Just wanted to say thanks, you and your staff have done a great job for us this week. The system has worked well and just how we intended. In this day and age people only seem to receive feedback when things go wrong, so I feel it was only right I passed on my comments at what a great job your team are doing.

Absolutely brilliant service!

Absolutely brilliant service! Very impressed! Will certainly recommend you! It is great to see you guys proving customers can come first.