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Benefits Of A Virtual PA

Traditional employment routes and expansion

All businesses accept that when starting out they will at some point require additional support. Most often the first consideration is employment of additional staff. Although this can often be daunting especially with all the red tape surrounding employment and legal requirements. More expense can also be driven into the business with a need for larger office space, equipment such as computers, phone lines etc. This is all before the employee has even started. New staff can also mean re-focusing time and effort inwards rather than developing the business and potentially decreasing revenue at a time when increases are most needed.

Things to consider when employing

  • Office space
  • Computers
  • Phone lines and Internet
  • Salary
  • National insurance
  • Tax
  • Pension contributions
  • Pay rises
  • Sick days
  • Holidays
  • Maternity or paternity leave
  • Employment contracts
  • Wasted time when you are not in the office to manage them
  • Facilities
  • Staff development
  • Your time managing any HR issues or costs engaging HR support services

The Virtual PA route, a clever alternative

A Virtual PA can be a clever alternative to employing staff. In fact for many who have taken the steps already it's the smarter way to do business. Technology now means that the traditional additions to a business can be outsourced with ease such as software and now staffing. More importantly it allows businesses to be totally adaptable and constantly flexible to industry changes ensuring that quick adjustments or more in depth changes can happen with the minimum of fuss or drain on your time. Imagine having to downsize or re-focus your business with an office full of staff. No matter how equipped you are its going to take time to make changes to the business. Alternatively expansions can be equally difficult to manage, Virtual PA services offer a solution designed for the modern business.

Benefits of using a Virtual PA

  • No time lost recruiting
  • No recruitment costs
  • No salaries to consider
  • No national insurance costs
  • No need for office space
  • No tasks delayed due to sick days or holidays
  • No pension contributions
  • Flexible costing models
  • No Hassle, no risks, no wasted costs

If the above points have made you think about your business and you would like to understand how Need More Time's experience of 10 years serving businesses and business owners like you please visit our Virtual PA services page.

Add value to your business by saving you money, time and creating flexibility

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