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Telephone Answering Services

Consider a solution which offers flexibility, scalability and above all value to you and your business

Our telephone answering service is backed by over 15 years of experience serving small businesses worldwide. Your calls are as important to us as they are to you and like many of our customers we also want to build a long standing and mutually beneficial relationship with you and your business. After all your success is linked to ours and we respect and value this ethos.

Prices from £25.50 per month inclusive of 30 mins of telephone answering time

No setup costs, messages emailed free of charge, with the option to have calls patched or messages sent by SMS (at an additional cost). This is one example of our tariff options. Contact us today for more detailed information and a tailored solution to match your phone answering requirements.

Answering a phone is easy but making a difference takes skill and experience

Whether your business is an SME start up or a long established business we have many customers just like you who also experienced the difficulties of running a small business and managing the seemingly simple tasks such as answering the phone. The fact is that unless you operate a fully staffed office with dedicated people to handle your phone answering, calls will be missed. How many opportunities have you lost or marketing costs wasted due to missed calls? This is where a telephone answering service would benefit your business.

  • Professional experienced UK phone answering operators who care about the way your callers are greeted
  • Limited scripts where possible to ensure natural and intelligent responses are given
  • Cost effective packages and realistic pricing
  • Improved efficiency for your business
  • Flexibility built into your business model
  • Scalable solutions and costs
  • Fast delivery of messages either by email, text message or calls patched to you
  • A free dedicated landline number for you to use
  • Tailored instructions which can be changed to meet the demands you have for the day

We value all of our customers and their specific needs with regards to telephone answering. To help us to provide you with the most suitable pricing for your phone answering service, contact us today. We can discuss in more detail how your business can benefit from having Need More Time as part of your team.

Telephone Answering - The Benefits

Unless you have a team of dedicated staff answering your phones, the chances are, you will be missing calls. Even having one dedicated receptionist has inherent risks, as they will only be able to take one call at a time. Running a small business with limited budgets, often means employment of any staff is focused towards roles with direct revenue generating benefits and not general administration or phone support.

Need More Time’s Telephone Answering service is designed for the small business owner in mind. With over 10 years successful experience of serving small businesses, our services are based on delivering a professional, prompt and flexible service, to be tailored around your needs. Below are just some of the benefits of using our services:

  • No missed calls or business opportunities
  • Maximises marketing budgets, ensuring enquiries are captured
  • Improved customer/prospective customer experience
  • No requirement for an office (if working from home) or additional space to cater for more employees
  • No management hassles; such as staff holidays, sickness or absence to manage
  • No employment contracts or HR needs
  • No pay rises, staff incentives or National Insurance
  • Flexible costing which adjusts in line with your business activities, to ensure your costs are in line with your revenue peaks and troughs
  • No more cold calls

Above are a small handful of the benefits of using an outsourced telephone answering service. In fact, it’s like having your very own virtual PA.

What Are The Benefits Click For FAQ How It Works

Looking for more? Looking for something different?

Are you looking for a service that is more involved? Are you looking for a company to take a more active role in your business? Would you like more administration assistance as well as your calls being answered? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then take a look at our Virtual PA and Virtual Assistant services, we provide fully customisable solutions to your business needs that can encompass all aspects of administration and technology services.