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Client Testimonials

Pearls Only

We have the deepest appreciation of your professionalism, detailed work and the fact that you made the process look easy.

Quest Commercial Consultancy

Please pass on my thanks to everyone who has worked on the Quest account this year. The effort and professionalism is first class and you continue to make a truly positive difference to my company.

Charming receptionists!

Need More Time virtual office services have proven to be very efficient and very helpful for my small business. The benefits for me have been less stress and better customer response. Clients are convinced I now have a packed office of charming receptionists and I am too embarrassed to dispel the illusion.

About Us

What do we do?

Need More Time virtual office solutions provide a range of simple but effective services that assist you and your business. We are a UK based company that has been offering its range of phone answering and call handling, business assistant (Virtual PA) and other virtual services (e.g. mailing addresses and telephone numbers) for over 10 years.

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Why was Need More Time started?

Need More Time was established to assist new and small businesses find a simple cost effective solution to a traditional problem; the desire to have a flexible staffing solution without the risks and costs normally associated with permanent employees. As small business owners themselves, the directors found typical service offerings were either a large call centre operation (that lacked real customer focus), or independent PAs (with strong customer focus but not the technical and people infrastructure to provide constant support). Need More Time was created to fill the void between these offerings; and today provides services, people, infrastructure, customer knowledge and flexible charging model to 1000’s of small and micro businesses.

How can we help you?

Letting us answer your calls, complete administrative tasks, interact with your customers and handle your mail & despatch activities on a fractional charging model equals time and money savings for you. Real profitability improvements are generated as your effectiveness improves and when you only pay for what you use.

Our small business solutions are designed to give you and your business the edge in increasingly competitive markets. We want you to succeed as many of our clients have as this is a direct path to our own success.

Let us tailor a solution that works for you, one that can meet demanding requirements and allow you to focus on the core elements of your business goals and success.

Our Services

Telephone answering, Virtual PA or full Business Assistant services combined with a range of value added solutions for outsourcing despatch, fulfillment and mailing addresses are services Need More Time has been delivering for the last 10 years.