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Medical Telephone Answering

Receiving telephone calls for any business is important.

Having the right greeting, right voice and ultimately having the call handled knowledgeably is essential for the all-important first impressions. However, when greeting callers for medical practices it goes beyond this. Having your calls answered quickly and to the same standards of normal business calls often isn’t enough.

Most callers phoning a medical practice are clearly doing so at a time when they feel vulnerable, in need of help and reassurance. The way their call is handled is the first part of their care experience. It is this that drives Need More Time to deliver our telephone answering services in a way which ensures that your patients feel cared for from their first call.

We have over 15 years’ experience handling inbound calls. This is further backed by our commitment to delivering detailed Medical Virtual Assistant services which go well beyond taking the first call. With our PA’s building long term relationships with patients supporting them through their care program.

How Need More Time supports you, your medical practice and office is purely up to you. We welcome the opportunity to tailor our services to your needs as no two medical practices or businesses are the same.

How do we do this

From the moment you contact us. We will discuss with you the exact needs you have. Have you decided to consider outsourced options due to growth, cover or staffing challenges? What are your priorities both for your practice, patients and business?

Need More Time’s goals are to go beyond the clichés by understanding your needs and then working through the best solutions for you. Tailoring your service to meet these is our aim.

For example; if you are looking for support for inhouse teams taking inbound calls and sending messages might not be the best solution. If they don’t have enough hours in the day already they may not be able to call back callers who have left messages which is simply delaying the issues – our Medical PA’s could book your patients directly into your diary adding a seamless solution.

Alternatively, sending multiple messages to you clearly isn’t going to help either, after all you’ve spent years training in your medical field to deliver health care not handling phone calls. You may simply want a backup solution in place and ready to go without notice for those moments of heavy in bound calls or staff sickness or holidays.

Need More Time is backed by years of experience, so we want our service to provide a strong solution that acts as a foundation for your needs now and into the future.