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Need More Time has been truly transformative to my practice and an indispensable support in its day-to-day running. The accounts are managed by small teams and everyone is immediately away of relevant details resulting in seamless conversations between myself and Need More Time.

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  • What experience do you have?
    Over a period of 20 years, we have built up a vast amount of knowledge in a wide array of industry sectors. Medical through to logistics - we have supported businesses as a springboard for their launch, easing transitions between business models and supported international companies looking to grow quickly in the UK without initial investments over and above their products or services delivery.
  • How quickly can I have the service up and running?
    This very much depends on the requirements you have and external systems our team will be using. However, we normally aim to have your new service up and running within 2 weeks. A lot quicker than recruitment!
  • Why outsource Customer service or Sales order processing?
    In a highly mobile world having dedicated employees for essential tasks that are not always revenue generating can place demands on the business that reduce its flexibility. Our services aim to give you back your adaptability while reducing costs and removing the burdens on management, including HR risks and challenges.
  • Good business requires a robust way to analyse and review
    Winning new business or providing excellent customer service and support is great but it doesn’t happen by chance. At Need More Time we love data because it allows you and us to effectively manage service delivery, by evaluating and gaining positive insight into the service we provide. We have developed a range of tools to allow you complete oversight, giving you the power to take your business from strength to strength backed by live data.
  • Improved efficiency
    Few businesses operate in the same way - Need More Time is no different. We have created our own bespoke systems which are highly tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We can also integrate with a variety of external systems too. Our success is driven by analytics and insights that can support your business decisions.
  • Customer service
    We all want good customer service and whilst it’s easy in theory, delivering it can be demanding, with added pressure on in-house teams often getting in the way of the delivery of good customer care. We have built a model that delivers a flexible solution that can adapt to the changes in your business. We combine intelligent teams, systems and process handling to deliver a personal touch to every interaction. Tailor your solution based on sound business needs supported by a service which can adapt quickly and respond to your customer needs equally fast.
  • Sales order handling and processing
    Your service and products deserve a solution that maintains your brand values. Obtaining sales orders is costly and to deliver value to the customer you need a service process that moves forward positively. Our teams have extensive experience supporting businesses from a wide range of sectors. We work to bridge the gap between winning new business and upselling to existing customers by tailoring a solution that maximises your opportunities and delivers ongoing value to your customers.
  • My practice has fallen behind due to staff sickness/ shortage when you take over do you think you will be able to catch-up?
    As long as we know the process for handling certain matters, there is no reason why the team cannot confidently get up to speed with the running of the practice. We will then dedicate our time to getting the clinic back up and running to a great standard, but it is important we set a realistic target date.
  • Can I be confident that you will deliver a prompt service to my clients?
    We have a vested interest in your practice operating well. Due to the way our services are charged we are equally driven to deliver our services on your behalf with efficiency and punctuality. This is why we have developed an enviable reputation for customer service both to our clients and their clients.
  • Are you able to assist with audio transcriptions?
    Yes. The team are very capable of handling transcriptions and we are familiar with a variety of medical terms.
  • I am conscious that technical needs to set up the service will drain my time
    During the set-up process we can assign you with one of our own technical team members to assist you with any requirements you may have. This could be to set up an email address for your team or the practice management program you use. It’s all part of our set up charge and process. After all we want your service to work as effectively as possible.
  • Are you able to assist with booking procedures and tests if required?
    Yes. We have experience with booking in surgeries or procedures for consultants as well as communicating with other hospitals or practices to manage the bookings of procedures professionally.
  • Will I have to change the software program I already use?
    We have a good working knowledge of several main systems used already, such as DGL, Heydoc, Cliniko, Powerdiary, Practice Pal and more. We are happy to use any cloud based systems you may have and will try to find a suitable solution for any computer based programs.
  • Are you able to take card payments?
    Yes. As long as you have set yourself up with a system such as Paypal, Stripe, Medserv etc. we are able to confidentially take payments over the phone. Security/ GDPR is also taken very seriously and we have a built in ‘privacy mode’ to our call system to enable us to securely take card details over the phone.
  • Can you handle my post?
    Yes. Our offices can be used as your mail handling address. We can scan and action any patient related post matters for you as part of the management of your practice.
  • Do you have experience with insurance companies, and can you handle my billing?
    Yes. Most of our Consultant’s work along side various insurance companies so we are very well versed in handling all aspects of billing for a practice.
  • Can I refer to my assigned PA on my communications?
    We ask that you treat your Medical Virtual PA in the same way you would an employed office-based PA.
  • Will my client data be safe?
    At Need More Time we come into contact with a large amount of private and personal data. This data is handled in the same way as if we were sitting in your practice – without the exposure of clients sitting in the waiting room or standing at reception. Information collected either by phone or via email is inputted straight into your patient management software. Passwords and other methods to gain access to these systems are held on our secure internal systems with stringent management processes.
  • Do you have any experience with handling medicolegal work?
    Yes. We have worked with several medicolegal practices and understand the pressures of court dates/ deadlines and strive to be as efficient as possible with these time sensitive matters.
  • Are you familiar with Practice Management Systems, if so which ones?
    DGL, Cliniko, HeyDoc, PracticePal, Medbase, WriteUpp, PowerDiary & Ultragender. However, if there is a PMS that the Client already uses, we can adapt and learn new systems. Most PMS have tutorial videos that we can use for guidance if needed, but as a whole the systems are very similar and easy to use.
  • Can I use the service as a back up to my in house team?
    Yes, we appreciate that sometimes having an in house team is required to meet and greet patients. We have experience working as a front line service as well as a back up to in house teams – to cover busy periods, lunches, holidays or sickness. A number of our clients have Harley Street clinics which results in our PA’s communicating with the admin teams within the clinics to great effect.
  • Will I be assigned a named Virtual Medical PA?
    You will be assigned with a named contact as your PA. You will also be supported by a further group of assistants – normally 3-4 colleagues who are equally knowledgeable about your practice and will know how to support you. This model means you can be confident that multiple calls can be handled with equal attention and there will always be support during times of holidays and sickness, providing uninterrupted service levels.
  • Training an outsourced PA sounds complicated
    We have many years of experience in this area and have created an efficient process to ensure the set up of your new service is as swift and efficient as possible. We have found that 5 working days allows for a good handover and set up of your new service.
  • My NHS PA currently also works for me in a private capacity, how would this work & could you manage the workload between you?
    We can absolutely make this work and we would suggest setting up a call/ meeting to come up with a clear plan for the day-to-day tasks for each PA/ team.
  • If I would like a patient to leave feedback, are you familiar with sending patient review requests?
    Yes. Many of our Doctors use Doctify, Google reviews or other survey type systems that enable us to provide a link to the patients to leave their feedback.
  • Would it be possible for you to organise a prescription on my behalf?
    Yes. As long as we have the process for how you handle your prescriptions, we can handle these. We also have experience of with working with pharmaceutical concierge services.
  • What kinds of specialities/ practices do you have experience working for?
    GP, Dermatology, Women’s Health/ Obs & Gynae & Fertility, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Dentistry & Orthodontics, Neurology, Podiatry, Psychiatry & Psychology, Urology, Oncology, Physiotherapy and Speech & Language Therapy.
  • Traditional Medical Care - modern admin support
    Your private practice is built on your skills and reputation and this drives the success of your practice, but your reputation and success doesn’t begin and end with your medical skills. Your admin team or PA will generally have the first contact with your patient and be the last person they speak with. It’s this communication that will have a powerful impact on the client experience and general perception of your practice and the medical care you provide. If delivered well it will support you and drive your word-of-mouth business, equally if it’s not handled well it could hinder your success.
  • How can a Virtual Medical PA benefit my practice?
    Running your own practice whilst also managing your NHS commitments can often be a challenge, not to mention the other demands on your time. Employing your own admin team will alleviate some of the administration demands but unfortunately can also add to your management tasks dealing with employee holiday and sickness. Therefore, managing your own team can act as a diversion, taking your focus away from the primary delivery of medical care to your clients. A virtual Medical PA is an alternative to this traditional route, giving you all the essential services of employed admin staff without the management demands. With our service you won’t have to juggle holidays, sickness or other absence that can affect the smooth running of your business. You will also benefit from having none of the HR issues that many business owners shy away from or don’t have time to tackle.
  • Virtual Medical PA, What Can We Do?
    Telephone answering and bookings. Email management. Client enquiry handling. Client appointment scheduling (including re-scheduling if required). Outbound calls for referral appointments, procedure bookings and theatre bookings. Liaising with GPs. Medico-legal secretarial services. Sending correspondence for patients and GP's. Communicating with insurance companies confirming procedure codes and fee schedules. Liaising with different hospitals and private practices. Completing imaging, procedure requests and operation booking forms. Organising recalls. Updating clinic notes. Outbound calls for additional medical consultant arrangements. Transcription service. Payment chasing. Data entry and record updating. Use of external systems such as DGL, Heydoc, Cliniko, Power Diary, PracticePal. To name just a few.
  • Benefits you will receive with a Virtual Medical PA
    A named contact who knows your practice, clients, and you Your Virtual Medical PA will be supported by a small team who are equally knowledgeable about your practice and client care No lost time recruiting or expenses of advertising roles No salaries to consider, PAYE or National Insurance to pay No pay rises or reviews to manage No sick days or holiday to find cover for No Maternity or Paternity arrangements with temporary cover to find Saved expenses on office facilities, computers, phones etc. No Staff training/development – and cover whilst this takes place No need for a permanent practice location If the above points have made you think about your business and you would like to learn about Need More Time's experience of over 20 years serving businesses and business owners like you please get in touch. Add value to your business by saving you money, time and creating flexibility
  • I have documents that I use on a regular basis which I would like to share with my team for them to update, how would this work?
    We have created an online file share which enables you and your team to use and update documents whilst keeping them in an easily accessible location for all to use.
  • Can my team of Assistants manage and control my diary?
    Yes, you can use our own online diary system or we can work with a number of external diaries if you already have one in place.
  • What if I want to use the service only to support me or my team when work volumes require additional support?
    No problem, how you use the service is up to you. The service is designed to be used as much or as little as you need it. We have many clients who use the service daily but we equally have clients who only call on their team when needed.
  • What’s special about Need More Time’s Virtual Assistant service?
    Designed to be a viable alternative to traditional staffing, you will be provided with a named Team Lead who is supported by a small team, all equally knowledgeable of your business and how to best support you, whether this means phone-based support or administration. We do not use scripted software, which means that the service you receive and that of your callers and customers is as if delivered by your own expert in-house team.
  • This is my first time using an outsourced support service. I am not sure I am prepared enough?
    Very few clients who start using the service have detailed information about their business and the support they need. This is all part of the service we provide. Your assistant will take time to understand your needs and business. This information will then be transferred into a manual which will be continually updated for you. This also supports us should the need arise to carry out internal training or disaster recovery.
  • How long will this service take to set up so it’s ready to be used?
    Due to the amount of information that we will likely gain from you about your business we normally ask for a minimum of at least 5 working days. During this time we arrange times for you to speak with your new assistant so they can get to know you and your business. We can also arrange for you to meet with your assistant at our offices if preferable. It’s all part of the service. If there is a requirement to get a service up and running in a very short timeframe allowances can be made for this. For further information please contact us regarding our Virtual PA services.
  • I only need support for administration do you have a separate package or service to accommodate this?
    It depends if you are looking for a one off task or a service which will offer ongoing support but is just administration based support. We appreciate that all small businesses needs are different and this is why we can offer a range of services and options designed to be flexible to meet this type of need.
  • Employment Costs - Here's what we can save you from
    Office space Computers Phones and internet Salary National insurance Tax Pension contributions Pay rises Sick days Holidays Maternity and paternity leave Employment contracts Senior management time managing HR Facilities Staff development Coffee… have you seen how much this is now!
  • Traditional employment routes and expansion
    Filling an office full of staff was once the go-to solution for most businesses. However, rising staff costs, recruitment difficulties and general HR management are all burdens that divert attention from the core functions of your business. With remote working becoming the new norm, even hybrid models of staffing present the same problems of managing productivity. For over 20 years we have specialised in maximising productivity and have fine-tuned our productivity tools, systems, and management of onsite or off-site staff for your benefit.
  • Virtual PA, What Can We Do?
    One business, many roles Need More Time? Below are some of the many time saving tasks we complete for our customers every day: Telephone answering Diary management Client and supplier communications Order handling Preparing and sending quotes/invoices/letters either via email or post Customer service/sales processing Payment chasing Research tasks Arranging travel and accommodation Updating websites with new information/upcoming events Data entry and record updating i.e. spreadsheets You already know that running your own business is not easy and as a business owner you wear many hats. Chances are you are currently filling several roles from receptionist, sales manager, financial controller and managing director to name just a few. We have some good news - it doesn’t have to be this way. Need More Time have been supporting business owners for over 20 years. We understand that running a business is about effectively juggling tasks and roles. With our Virtual PA services, you can benefit from a reliable and professional team to support you and your business. From virtual reception services and telephone answering services through to virtual assistant administration support we have many solutions to help you maximise your time. Build flexibility into your business with the Need More Time’s support services which have been designed to give you complete control and the benefits of a fully staffed office without the costs, risks, or hassle.
  • The Virtual PA route, a different way to work
    A Virtual PA can be a very effective alternative to employing staff. Modern technology now means that the traditional additions to a business, such as software and staffing, can be outsourced with ease. More importantly it allows businesses to be totally adaptable and constantly flexible to industry changes, ensuring that quick adjustments or more in-depth changes can happen with minimum fuss or drain on your time. Imagine having to downsize or re-focus your business with an office full of staff. No matter how equipped you are its going to take time to make changes to the business. Alternatively, expansions can be equally difficult to manage, recruitment alone is not easy or cheap – never mind trying to find the right person and one that will stay. Virtual PA services offer a solution designed to overcome these challenges. Benefits of using a Virtual PA No time lost recruiting No recruitment costs No salaries to consider No national insurance costs No need for office space No tasks delayed due to sick days or holidays No pension contributions Flexible costing models No Hassle, no risks, no wasted costs If the above points have made you think about your business and you would like to learn more about Need More Time's experience of over 20 years serving businesses, please get in touch Add value to your business by saving you money, time and creating flexibility Don’t hire staff hire us!
  • Examples of our wide ranging capabilities
    Order handling: We have a long and established history of handling inbound calls and due to the detailed nature of our services this includes taking orders by phone but can also incorporate email orders too. Your Virtual PA team will be trained to a high standard on your services or products, so the caller is not made aware they are calling a third party, helping to create a seamless solution for you and your business. Depending on your requirements and infrastructure, we can either take payments at the point of order using your website or merchant account, or simply capture the information for the order to be relayed to you. If coupled with our despatch and order fulfilment service, the ordered items will be despatched on the same day from our premises. Our aim is to provide a seamless solution for any business. Diary Management: Regardless of the system you use, our in-house technical teams can make the transition to us seamless and painless. Our Virtual PAs have extensive experience working with a variety of calendar systems and businesses where appointment scheduling is essential for the flow of business and revenue. Client and supplier communications: Being able to delegate client and supplier (phone or email) communications to a Virtual PA who knows your business can provide extra resources at crucial times. This reliability means you may simply be able to enjoy taking the afternoon off or be confident that when you're in meetings you are being supported by someone you can trust. Preparing and sending quotes/invoices/letters via email or post: For any business owner, making time to fulfil essential daily activities such as generating quotes or issuing invoices can be difficult. It's an important aspect for all businesses but often one which takes time and commitment to focus on, with delays to these tasks having a very real negative impact on the business. Your Virtual PA, however, loves these tasks and will happily take them on for you. This way invoices are issued promptly and naturally and will have a better lead time for payment. Customer service/sales processing: Regardless of how well you have planned your service, there will always be scenarios where a friendly voice on the end of the phone is required to entice or placate prospective clients or existing customers. Unless you have a staffed office or run a call centre it's unlikely you will be able to handle every call you receive. In many cases most customer service calls are quick and simple to deal with and don't require the attention of the business owner. We have teams who do this every day and are well trained to assist with a range of enquiries. They are also capable of using sales CRM systems such as Salesforce, so the client communications can be logged immediately to maintain good communication history records. Using your own web-based systems or simple excel spreadsheets we can tailor a solution that meets your needs and budget. Payment Chasing: A task we all hate - its time consuming, often frustrating and can be awkward if you're chasing your client. Our teams have a very successful track record of providing results for your payments. Don't waste your time chasing payment for work you have already done; your Virtual PA will be pleased to be of assistance. We can even bank the payment for you if received by cheque* (Requires Mail forwarding service). Research Tasks: You may want to gain direct knowledge about prospective markets, gain contact details for a planned marketing campaign or simply want to find a suitable venue for an event you plan to hold. Your Virtual PA can do the leg work for you and prepare the information in an easy-to-read document ready for you when you need it. Arranging Travel and Accommodation: Booking flights or hotels is easy but still a drain on your time, especially if you have a more demanding schedule. Our trusted Virtual PA’s will confirm your requirements and preferences and get to work to ensure your trip is painless and stress free. Data entry and record updating i.e. spreadsheets: Every business has the need to store and record data relevant to their clients, products or services. As you know, it is not the most exciting part of anyone's business. Why not let our Virtual PA's manage your daily administration while you prioritise your time for more enjoyable tasks. If the above points have made you think about your business and you would like to learn more about Need More Time's extensive experience of serving businesses and business owners like you, please get in touch. Add value to your business by saving you money, time and creating flexibility
  • I have a landline, how would you answer my calls?
    Most telecom providers offer a divert or call forwarding facility. This allows you to forward calls from your landline to an external number. The features vary with providers but you can normally divert all your calls, unanswered calls and or calls when your line is engaged. Our customer service teams will be happy to assist.
  • How much does it cost me to divert my calls to you?
    The cost varies between telecom providers. Some offer this service free of charge with others charging the same as the cost to return the call.
  • How will my calls or messages be relayed to me?
    We can email and SMS your messages to you. Alternatively you may also want to have live calls patched to you (transferred) which is also possible. You can even update us to ensure the action for handling your calls is the most appropriate for you on that day.
  • How does Need More Time know who the calls are for?
    With all Telephone Answering accounts we provide you with access to a dedicated landline or non geographic number free of charge. This number is assigned to your account ensuring any calls received on it are greeted in your chosen response and handled as per your instructions. A selection of additional information is provided to our operators to ensure we give the impression we are part of your company or business, along with any updated date relevant instructions you have provided us with.
  • What happens if multiple calls are made to my number at the same time?
    As our numbers are assigned on a digital network we do not use physical lines. This means we can receive many calls for you at the same time.
  • What happens to past or old messages that have already been sent?
    You can access any historic messages via your Portal.
  • Why do you charge based on time and not per call? What’s stopping you from overcharging me?
    Simply, we take on the staff costs and risks. In order for our model to work we have to closely manage all of our staff’s productivity. The less staff we employ the better so we are focused and have the tools and systems in place to maximise our workload to ensure we only charge for the work that is required, justified and inline with your instructions.
  • I have more than one phone can I divert them all to Need More Time?
    Yes, you can divert as many landline or mobile numbers to Need More Time’s telephone answering service as you need.
  • What happens to my calls out of hours?
    Need More Time operate Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00. However, if you have calls which arrive outside of these hours your callers will be greeted by your own personalised voicemail (provided free of charge). Any message left for you will be sent to you in a .wav format which you can play on your computer. Alternatively you can also opt to call in to gain them using our automated system
  • My customers are important can I make them feel special?
    We all have key customers or contacts that we liaise with regularly or want to roll out the red carpet for. With our bespoke service solutions, we can quickly identify those customers to help ensure their experience meets and exceeds expectations. We make this easy to implement, with benefits that can bring lasting positive outcomes.
  • Answering a phone is easy but making a difference takes skill and experience
    Whether your business is in the start-up phase or a long-established business we have many customers just like you. We can all answer a phone, but constant interruptions impact productivity and are often not the best use or value of your time, unless you have a fully staffed office with dedicated people to handle your phones, calls can be missed, and opportunities lost. Marketing isn’t cheap and every missed call undermines your efforts. Our teams take care in handling your calls – Why? Because they are rewarded too for handling them. When we say we partner with you we mean it. Our scripts are designed to remove the robotics of the past and dial in to the human touch. We offer cost effective packages realistically priced with flexibility built in. Improved efficiency for your business. No longer are your most expensive resources being distracted by taking calls. A scalable solution that can flex to your busy Monday or be ready and waiting for the desperate last-minute call on a Friday afternoon. We’re all human and often we like to discuss our partnered service providers. Our Team leaders love to talk and are always happy to help. Fast delivery of messages either by email, SMS or live calls patched to you. You tailor your needs as they arise, with dynamic responses if you are in meetings, or on the school run. Portal access to allow you to review and analyse your calls as you like. We all have different priorities and needs, that’s why we are proud to offer a personalised solution that really listens.
  • Can I tailor my service to meet my needs?
    Having your calls professionally answered offers so many benefits and opportunities, plus we provide you all the information you need to plan your return call. A name, company name and return number sometimes just isn’t enough. Imagine getting a new sales enquiry, wouldn’t it be good to know where they heard of you, what services they want and if they have used your service or product before? Equally, for more generalised calls sometimes knowing that little bit more can help you prioritise your call backs. We personalise our services for each type of call to make business easier.
  • I want to be kept up to date on my usage
    We have created a set of useful alerts to keep you updated regarding your account usage. These can be set at 50%, 75% or 100%, or if preferred all three.
  • Can I tailor my instructions differently to that of my colleagues?
    We can offer contact specific instructions detailed by name (contact) or department so that you and your colleagues handle relevant calls with pertinent information to hand. Alternatively, you can specify types of calls relevant to departments to ensure we are capturing the right information on every call. We all like to work differently – you might like your calls put through to you whereas your colleagues may prefer just a message emailed or sent via text. No problem, we can tailor each type of call for specific people differently.
  • Prices from £30.50 per month inclusive of 30 mins of telephone answering time
    Prices from £30.50 per month inclusive of 30 minutes of telephone answering and call handling time. No setup costs, a dedicated landline number provided free of charge to either divert an existing number to or to be used as the main number for your business. Messages taken are emailed free of charge. Live calls can also be patched (transferred) to you. Not going to have access to data? No problem, we can also send your messages by SMS. We don’t charge per call for handling your calls. Why? Because our service is designed to be flexible allowing you to tailor the information we record, rather than us rushing to get your caller off the phone. If you simply want a name and return number taken, we can be as fast as everyone else. It’s the little things that make a difference.
  • Telephone Answering - The Benefits
    Cost effective against increasing staffing costs. Costs that adapt to your inbound call activity. No payroll (inc NI increases), recruitment or HR costs. Maximising marketing to show where your efforts are most effective. Showing existing customers that they are important to your business. Improved customer response. Improved efficiency for you and your colleagues. Creating a professional image for even the smallest of businesses. No more last-minute challenges if your inhouse reception team call in sick, on a Monday morning! Time management – prioritise your urgent interactions. No need for complex or costly phone systems to manage and route your calls.
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