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Over a year ago, I required a solution by way of a secretarial service that could cover a wide range of matters: taking my calls, develop relationships and build rapport with my patients, providing a high end concierge service with regards to organising patients medical consultations and managing the whole patient journey in a seamless and discreet manner.

Having had difficulties in the past with my clinics needs being met, I chose Need More Time, as I appreciated the setup, professionalism and knowledge base they lent, they were just what I was looking for in a high-level PA service.

Need More Time has been truly transformative to my practice and an indispensable support in its day-to-day running. The accounts are managed by small teams and everyone is immediately away of relevant details resulting in seamless conversations between myself and Need More Time. In terms of annual leave and sick leave their service alleviates HR considerations for both doctors and clients. I have had no issues regarding cover and would recommend the service to any medical practitioner or person that requires a high level of administrative support.

Dr. Sharma (Private Doctor, Wimpole Street)

I chose Need More Time as immediately upon contacting them they reassured me that they understood my complex business. This was not the case with other companies I contacted. They explained the very competitive pricing in a clear and transparent way.

With less than a week’s notice Need More Time were providing a comprehensive office and PA service which includes managing a large volume of highly confidential documents safely and securely, answering complex telephone and e-mail queries, liaising with our outsourced book keeping and accounting service and invoicing clients. Need more time also chase my unpaid invoices and work directly with the factoring service we use.

Need More Time have provided an outstandingly reliable and comprehensive service. We have actually been complimented on the efficiency of our office by clients, something that has never happened before.

Dr. Shaun Parsons (Forensic Psychologist)

I have been with Need More Time for over 10 years, they have been an amazing and constantly professional part of my dental practice. They are always helpful, efficient and supportive to me and my patients. The introduction of the new Google Calendar has been a huge success and I am delighted with the ease and practicalities of the system. For a small business like myself I feel they give me a true professional standing. Many patients wish to meet the people who organise their appointments and are surprised to hear that I use a 'remote secretarial service' They were recommended to me and I would without hesitation recommend them to any business.

I look forward to using them for the next ten years !

Thank you for everything.

Julia Brewin (Dental Hygienist)

Need More Time have provided a high-quality service to us for over 10yrs now, which really allows us to focus on what we do best. Their operators handle all our calls and really help us manage our own time better, so we can spend our time focussing on the needs of our clients.

We are lucky to work with some high-profile customers, so the consistency with which Need More Time operate is so important to us, as everyone receives the same excellent level of service. Our clients get the same excellent service regardless of who they are dealing with and that gives us a huge amount of confidence in the serivce.

Sue Myrie (Relocation services)

Amazing administration support

I work as sole practitioner in a clinic in Notting Hill, London. Need More Time has been a great support for me and I would advise any medical professional to use this service. I feel I can focus much more on my patients, aiming to give the best gold standard care while Need more time take care of the booking and billing and anything else I ask them to do for me! Need more time have also been such a great help with regards billing and invoicing insurance companies. I could not recommend my hard working admin team more!

Aisling Keating (Physiotherapist)

I had always wanted to establish my own private practice. Unfortunately - however attractive that thought was - hiring and managing my own administrative team to take care of the front of house needs of my patients did not appeal at all and it was not until I came across the idea of a virtual business, that it actually looked like something which might be possible. Then I found Need More Time’s Business Assistant Service.

Using a combination of what they call ‘knowledge based administration’ and straightforward telephone answering, I have complete confidence in their ability to manage my office on my behalf. What made the difference to me was the fact that they took the time to learn about my business and my chosen patient management system, as a good member of staff might, so they could deal with enquiries efficiently - leaving me to concentrate on what I like doing, dealing with my patients.

I've taken on additional consultants, growing the practice at quite a remarkable rate safe in the knowledge that I have an extremely flexible, reliable, virtual administrative staff backing me up.

Dr. Adam Friedmann (Private Dermatologist)

I have used NMT for a few years now for secretarial services including taking calls, managing bookings and answering patient enquiries where appropriate. The team are knowledgeable, reliable and quick to take on any tasks I require assistance with so I can better focus on my patients.

The best thing about NMT is not having to be concerned about cover for sickness, holiday, etc as having a small team designated to my clinic means the service doesn’t change with these eventualities. An added bonus of having a team means they do not miss any calls, improving my overall revenue for the practice as no missed calls means no missed opportunities.

I appreciate the consistency of having one point of contact with whom I liaise with regularly so I don’t speak to a different team member every time.

Thank you for filling in the secretarial gap in such a reliable and time-effective way. I am glad I decided to choose you for my secretarial service

Crosbie Care (Dental)

I have used Need More Time's Services for a few years as the secretarial forefront of my private practice. They take calls for my practice, organise clinic lists, confirmations, book procedures and more. My helpful designated team respond to my requests quickly and tasks are completed in a very timely manner. The benefits I have found from having the team is that my calls are always picked up quickly, emails are responded to promptly and I don't have to be concerned about sickness, holiday or tardiness. They do a good job, I couldn't ask for more.

Mr. J. Eyeson (Consultant Oral Surgeon)

As a consultant dermatologist in the private sector, I have found Need More Time (NMT) has been very helpful for me and my patients. NMT answer the phone quickly and in a friendly way, and they always try to assist. They are efficient at dealing with patients’ requests and liaising with me. I no longer have to worry about staff holidays or other forms of absence, because there is always someone available at NMT.

Roy Palmer (Consultant Dermatologist)

I am a consultant paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon with almost 10 years of NHS experience. With a busy improving private practice and a clinic in Harley Street I started using Need More Time (NMT) for secretarial support. I have now increased this to cover billing and additional admin work.

Their work is exemplary and superb, there is always someone available to answer or make calls and they are very knowledgeable in the details of my practice. NMT have been able to deal with any issues that have arisen, from new referrals to dealing with existing clinical problems. I have received frequent positive feedback from the families I have worked with regarding NMT and the quality and timeliness of their service.

Smooth interaction between NMT and my NHS secretary has helped develop an environment of positive teamwork and excellent efficiency. Handover and communications to wider teams, including theatre arrangements and provision of intensive care facilities for children, alongside other associated details has been excellent.

It is my pleasure to provide the above testimonial in support of this wonderful team.

Mr Nagarajan Muthialu (Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon)

The amazing staff at NMT have exceeded my expectations and I strongly recommend their services. It has been invaluable to my practice to have NMT as part of the business.

I have been really impressed with how quickly and easily they picked up my all aspects of my practice admin from my previous PA. Having access to an uninterrupted admin service throughout the year is very important to me and to my practice. All the calls, queries and admin have been dealt with professionally. They handle all my calls, bookings, dictations and billings efficiently and in a very timely manner. The time they saved me has enabled me to focus more on my work and other areas and as a result my private practice has grown significantly since then.

All the feedback I receive from my patients is very complimentary of the service they received and I could not recommend them strongly enough.

Thank you NMT for your services, help and support.

Mr Ahmed Elghamaz (Consultant Cardiologist)

Need More time have far exceeded my expectations. They have been efficient, friendly, meticulous and trustworthy from day one. My patients also repeatedly complement their kindness and understanding.

Although they are not physically in an office near me, they function as though they are right by my side and understand the ins and outs of all our work and protocols. They are always available at the end of the phone and respond to emails rapidly. They also always make sure that my lists are full and have so far never made a mistake in booking patients who do not fulfil my requirements. Even when my excellent PA is away, I hardly feel the difference as her colleagues cover with equal competence. I have nothing but complements and praise for Need More Time, and particularly for my PA.

Dr. R. Sweis (Gastroenterologist, London)

Since Need More Time (NMT) took up my clinic’s call centre, my life has changed. They offered me the best gift of all: time!

Everybody in the firm I deal with are quick, efficient and get the job done, which is peace of mind for me.

All I can say is, if there was no NMT, I would have to invent it!

I highly recommend NMT to any small business that needs to outsource secretarial services

Dr Penelope Tympanidis (Dermatologist, Harley Street)