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Telephone Answering Frequently Asked Questions

I have a landline, how would you answer my calls?

Most telecom providers offer a divert or call forwarding facility. This allows you to forward calls from your landline to an external number. The features vary with providers but you can normally divert all your calls, unanswered calls and or calls when your line is engaged. More details can be found in our knowledge base regarding the divert providers (BT, Virgin, TalkTalk) and how these work. Alternatively our sales teams will be happy to assist.

How much does it cost me to divert my calls to you?

The cost varies between telecom providers. Some offer this service free of charge with others charging the same as the cost to return the call.

How does Need More Time know who the calls are for?

With all call handling accounts we provide you with access to a dedicated landline or non geographic number free of charge. This number is assigned to your account ensuring any calls received on it are greeted in your chosen response and handled as per your instructions. A selection of additional information is provided to our operators to ensure we give the impression we are part of your company or business. Along with any updated date relevant instructions you have provided us with.

To learn more about what callers will be charged to dial your numbers look at this knowledge base article.

I have more than one phone can I divert them all to Need More Time?

Yes, you can divert as many landline or mobile numbers to Need More Time’s telephone answering service as you need.

What happens if multiple calls are made to my number at the same time?

As our numbers are assigned on a digital network we do not use physical lines. This means we can receive many calls for you at the same time.

How will my calls or messages be relayed to me?

We can email and SMS your messages to you. Alternatively you may also want to have live calls patched to you (transferred) which is also possible. You can even update us to ensure the action for handling your calls is the most appropriate for you on that day.

What happens to past or old messages that have already been sent?

All messages we take and forward are stored on our systems so if you require an old message to be forwarded to you again all you have to do is ask.

What happens to my calls out of hours?

Need More Time operate Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00. However, if you have calls which arrive outside of these hours your callers will be greeted by your own personalised voicemail (provided free of charge). Any message left for you will be sent to you in a .wav format which you can play on your computer. Alternatively you can also opt to call in to gain them using our automated system.

Client Testimonials

The Clear Company

We are delighted with the service you have provided.

The Association of Personal Assistants

I list Need More Time as one of my greatest assets. Please pass on my thanks to all at Need More Time.

Julia Brewin Dental Hygienist

I will do nothing but sing the praises of you all at Need More Time I am truly delighted with everything you guys do for me.