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Virtual Medical PA Frequently Asked Questions

Will my client data be safe?

At Need More Time we come into contact with a large amount of private and personal data. This data is handled in the same way as if we were sitting in your practice – without the exposure of clients sitting in the waiting room or standing at reception. Information collected either by phone or via email is inputted straight into your patient management software. Passwords and other methods to gain access to these systems are held on our secure internal systems with stringent management processes.

Will I be assigned a named Virtual Medical PA?

You will be assigned with a named contact as your PA. You will also be supported by a further 4 assistants who are all equally knowledgeable about your practice and will know how to support you. This model ensures that you can be confident that multiple calls can be handled with equal attention and uninterrupted service levels. And there will always be support during times of holidays and sickness.

Can I refer to my assigned PA on my communications?

We ask that you treat your Medical Virtual PA in the same way you would an employed office based PA.

Training an outsourced PA sounds complicated

We have many years of experience in this area and have created an efficient process to ensure the set up of your new service is as swift and efficient as possible. We have found that 5 working days allows for a good handover and set up of your new service.

I am conscious that technical needs to set up the service will drain my time

During the set up process we can assign you with one of our own technical team members to assist you with any requirements you may have. This could be to set up an email address for your team or the practice management program you use. It’s all part of our set up charge and process. After all we want your service to work as effectively as possible.

Can I be confident that you will deliver a prompt service to my clients?

We have a vested interest in your practice operating well. Due to the way our services are charged we are equally driven to deliver our services on your behalf with efficiency and punctuality. This is why we have developed an enviable reputation for customer service both to our clients and their clients.

Will I have to change the software program I already use?

We have good working knowledge of a number of the main systems used already, such as DGL, Practice Pal to name a few. We are happy to use any cloud based systems you may use and will try to find a suitable solution for any computer based programs.

Can I use the service as a back up to my in house team?

Yes, we appreciate that sometimes having an in house team is required to meet and greet patients. We have experience working as a front line service as well as a back up to in house teams – to cover busy periods, lunches, holidays or sickness. A number of our clients have Harley Street clinics which results in our PA’s communicating with the admin teams within the clinics to great effect.

Client Testimonials

Charming receptionists!

Need More Time virtual office services have proven to be very efficient and very helpful for my small business. The benefits for me have been less stress and better customer response. Clients are convinced I now have a packed office of charming receptionists and I am too embarrassed to dispel the illusion.

System 3 Services Ltd

Just wanted to say thanks, you and your staff have done a great job for us this week. The system has worked well and just how we intended. In this day and age people only seem to receive feedback when things go wrong, so I feel it was only right I passed on my comments at what a great job your team are doing.

Doing an incredible job!

Service is superb. Considering their lack of knowledge of the technical side of my business, your people are doing an incredible job. Please pass on my thanks to your team for a super job, and you can also let them know that my customers are impressed with my new members of staff!