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Benefits Of A Medical PA

Traditional Medical Care modern admin support

Your private practice is built on your skills and reputation, it’s this that will drive the success of your practice, although your reputation and success doesn’t just stop or start with your medical skills. Your admin team or PA will generally have the first contact with your patient and be the last person they speak with. It’s this communication contact that will have a powerful impact on the client experience and general perception of your practice and the medical care you provide. If delivered well it will support you and drive your word of mouth business, equally if it’s not handled well it could hinder your success.

I am a consultant paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon with almost 10 years of NHS experience. With a busy improving private practice and a clinic in Harley Street I started using Need More Time (NMT) for secretarial support. I have now increased this to cover billing and additional admin work.

Their work is exemplary and superb, there is always someone available to answer or make calls and they are very knowledgeable in the details of my practice. NMT have been able to deal with any issues that have arisen, from new referrals to dealing with existing clinical problems. I have received frequent positive feedback from the families I have worked with regarding NMT and the quality and timeliness of their service.

Smooth interaction between NMT and my NHS secretary has helped develop an environment of positive teamwork and excellent efficiency. Handover and communications to wider teams, including theatre arrangements and provision of intensive care facilities for children, alongside other associated details has been excellent.

It is my pleasure to provide the above testimonial in support of this wonderful team.

Mr Nagarajan Muthialu (Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon)

How can a Virtual Medical PA benefit my practice?

Running your own practice whilst also managing your NHS commitments can often be a challenge, not to mention the other demands on your time. Employing your own admin team will alleviate some of the administration demands but unfortunately can also add to this. They will require the traditional time off for holidays and potentially sickness. The reality, whilst having your own staff can bring great benefits. They can also act as a diversion taking your focus away from the primary delivery of medical care to your clients. A virtual Medical PA is an alternative to this traditional route giving you all of the essential services of employed admin staff but without the management demands. They also do not require holidays, sickness or other absence that can affect the smooth running of your business. You will also benefit from having none of the HR issues that many business owners shy away from or don’t have time to tackle.

Benefits you will receive with a Virtual Medical PA

  • A named contact who knows your practice, clients and you
  • Your Virtual Medical PA will be supported by a small team whom are equally knowledgeable about your practice and client care
  • No lost time recruiting or the expenses of advertising the position
  • No salaries to consider, PAYE, National Insurance (to pay)
  • No Pay rises or reviews to manage
  • Sick Days
  • Holidays to find cover for
  • Maternity or Paternity arrangements, with temporary cover to find
  • Office facilities, computers, phone etc
  • Staff training/development – and cover whilst taking place
  • No need for a permanent practice location

If the above points have made you think about your business and you would like to understand how Need More Time's experience of 10 years serving businesses and business owners like you please visit our Virtual Medical PA services page.

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