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Email Campaigns

Keeping in touch with customers is a hallmark of any successful business. Whether that’s via telephone, post or pigeon – the best companies know the value of keeping themselves in the forefront of their clients’ minds.

So the question becomes - not if you do it - but how? Because you can bet that if you don’t stay in touch with your customers, one of your competitors will.

There are many ways you can do this – not necessarily including pigeons – but, undoubtedly the most user friendly, economic & often productive, is permission based email marketing.

But with Opt-In lists, CAN-SPAM Acts & the Information Commissioners Office here in the UK, there is more to sending email campaigns these days than opening up Outlook or Apple Mail and clicking send. The Key here is the ‘permission’ element, which means you are mailing people who have agreed to receive your emails.

According to a study by IMT Strategies, permission based email marketing is said to be up to 10 times more effective than direct mail at getting a result. But what if your company does not have the capability to do this? NMT’s new Marketing Virtual Assistant can help.

Our Email Campaign services are designed to help SME’s harness this new type of communication without the need for expensive in-house expertise or equipment.

If necessary, our services can start at the very beginning, including the design of a dedicated HTML email template. Every campaign includes detailed reporting on statistics such as user click through rates in order to help you understand how you are doing in this new area & then follow up by telephone on any warm leads.

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Client Testimonials

Julia Brewin Dental Hygienist

I will do nothing but sing the praises of you all at Need More Time I am truly delighted with everything you guys do for me.

Quest Commercial Consultancy

Please pass on my thanks to everyone who has worked on the Quest account this year. The effort and professionalism is first class and you continue to make a truly positive difference to my company.

Pearls Only

We have the deepest appreciation of your professionalism, detailed work and the fact that you made the process look easy.