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Dental VA Frequently Asked Questions

I already have an established telephone number, would I have to change this?

No, using either your telecom provider’s divert feature or a divert feature on your PBX phone system, you can divert calls externally.

I have more than one practice, can I divert calls from them all?

Yes, you can divert as many phones to us as you like. If you have more than one practice within a group, you may prefer to have a greeting specific to the location of this practice. In this instance, we can accommodate a solution which ensures each practice has its own set of instructions and greetings for callers.

A virtual assistant is fine for most businesses, but do you have experience with Dentists?

Need More Time have been supporting Dentists and Orthodontists for over 7 years.

How can a dental virtual assistant access my patient records?

Using various partner products your patient details can be accessed over the web via our partner cloud systems.

How can my dental virtual assistant access my calendars?

Using partner product systems we can provide full access to all of your appointments and they can be accessed and booked in real time by your virtual assistant, with no risk from double booking.

I already have a receptionist, what can a dental virtual assistant offer that I don’t already have?

A virtual assistant provides you with a named small team, which can either back up and support your in house reception team or fulfil specific duties. They can take multiple calls for you at the same time or deliver a range of support tasks. For example; if your in house receptionist makes outbound calls, this risks unanswered in-bound calls or delays in caring for onsite patients.

What if my dental virtual assistant is off?

One of the benefits of a dental virtual assistant is that you are supported by a small team who are equally knowledgeable about your practice and service. So you will not be impacted in anyway if your dental virtual assistant is on holiday or sick.

Are there any financial benefits by using a dental virtual assistant?

A dental virtual assistant service is based upon a flexible charging model which only charges when work is carried out for you. This means you ultimately only pay in line with the activity of your practices.

Do I need to pay national insurance or employment tax?

No, the service is charged as a service, so you will not be liable for any taxes other than VAT.

Will my patients know that I am using a dental virtual assistant?

There is no reason why your patients should know that they are speaking to a dental virtual assistant, unless you tell them.

Do I have to advise you if I am going to divert my calls to you?

No, as there is no way to know when someone is going to call, we always run in a state of readiness.

Can my dental virtual assistant make outbound calls on my behalf?

Yes, your dental virtual assistant can make outbound calls on your behalf and also check and respond to emails.

How long does it take for the service to be set up?

Due to the bespoke nature of this service, we ask that we have a minimum of 5 working days to setup your services. During this time we will assist you with any technical requirements to facilitate the service. Your new dental virtual assistant will also communicate with you to discuss your expectations and operational requirements.

Will I be tied into the service for a lengthy period of time?

No, we appreciate that flexibility is key so we provide our services on a rolling 60 days notice period. This ensures that any handover can be a smooth transition.

Client Testimonials

The Association of Personal Assistants

I list Need More Time as one of my greatest assets. Please pass on my thanks to all at Need More Time.


I ran a mini survey of our clients and the one thing the managers said got the most praise was how the calls all get answered and dealt with, so thanks again for that.

Portland Place Orthodontics

Dr Alex Redhead owner of Portland Place practice and 2007 Private Dentistry most innovative practice award winner has been a long standing client of Need More Time. Our partnership with Dr Redhead has helped the practice manage a high level of administrative work and customer service duties, while presenting an impression of a fully staffed and trained on site team.