Client Testimonials

Charming receptionists!

Need More Time virtual office services have proven to be very efficient and very helpful for my small business. The benefits for me have been less stress and better customer response. Clients are convinced I now have a packed office of charming receptionists and I am too embarrassed to dispel the illusion.

The Clutter Clearing Consultancy

An absolute bargain, you guys are worth every penny!


I ran a mini survey of our clients and the one thing the managers said got the most praise was how the calls all get answered and dealt with, so thanks again for that.

Mail Handling Frequently Asked Questions

Are the addresses provided, street addresses?

Yes, we currently provide a range of addresses to use which are street addresses.

Phone 020 3303 3303 for our latest deals...

Can I specify the frequency of mail received by Need More Time to be forwarded to me?

Yes, mail received by Need More Time on your behalf can either be sent on the day it is received or forwarded at a frequency to suit you. You can change this at any time.

What if I receive mail which is urgent?

We can either forward the mail to you by first class post on the day it’s received or if preferable scan the item and email it to you.

Can I collect my mail?

No, our mail forwarding services are secure sites which are designed for mail to be forwarded rather than collected. This ensures that your mail is safe and not subjected to being intercepted by anyone other than you.

Will I be able to have parcels and goods sent to you with the Mail Forwarding service?

Our mail forwarding service is designed for mail and not for parcels such as product returns. We do however; have facilities to offer this type of service. Please let our sales advisors know if this is required and they will be able to discuss the options with you.

Can I use your addresses on my printed marketing or use it to register with companies house?

All of our addresses can be used for your printed marketing. We also have specific addresses which can also be used for more formal registrations.